Presence stops working in after app update to

App before I was running when things were working fine was, noticed about a week ago or a bit more that Presence was not working on the wife’s phone. I tried a bunch of stuff and nothing. After getting home and doing more troubleshooting I noticed in the IDE it said that my Wife’s phone instead of mobile presence said placeholder. No matter what I did it would not change from placeholder in the IDE for her mobile device. Found that the new App had turned off presence and when re-enabled it was stuck at placeholder. Called into support, ticket opened they really don’t listen to the amount of time and troubleshooting I put into figuring this out.

I removed the new app went back to the and low and behold presence is working again. During this last few days I made the same change to mine, this morning I noticed Presence not working, both apps mine and hers re-updated to the and turned presence off, when turned on it was back to placeholder again! So if your running into this its the new App, however no way to fix it at this time. ugh!


Yay, so this is how the platform handles new mobile presence devices @blake.arnold? 8 events when being well within my geofence?

At least your seeing something, our apps updated 3 days after I loaded the previous version to fix the presence issue and its now broke again. I called up SmartThings again and explained what was going on. In a way they know about it and say that, but then play dumb on the extra things I tell them its doing. I started up my Hubitat again and upgraded. I’m seriously thinking of just making the move for good as the new app is so handicapped at this point, along with the presence broken at least for me, its pretty useless at this point.

Have you completed migration yet and/or turned off presence in Classic? Having presence on in both apps at the same time really messes with things and you’ll get this kind of behavior.

A long, long, long time ago. This all started when I moved to the latest release of the new app. Prior that my mobile presence devices were rock solid. Now, not so much.

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I am seeing exactly the same thing. None of the phone presence detection is working in the latest app.
It had been working fine for awhile on previous app version.

This is such a fundamental part of the app that turns everything on and off based on home or not it renders much of smarthings useless.
How can Samsung not jump on this?

I finally gave up, I moved to Hubitat where presence works with the app for both myself and wife perfectly with no issues. Honestly I have been wanting to move for some time now, this just pushed me to do it. Couldn’t be happier, even the wife says things are so much faster and seem to work better.

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How much work is it moving over to Hubitat ?
I assume it more work than, change hub, change app, find devices .


Started with the closet devices to the hub, unpaired from ST and then paired with HE. It took me about 4 days to move 50 devices. another 2-3 days to setup the dashboard for both the tablet on our counter and our cell phones. The best part was everything is done from the PC, all configuration, updates all of it. No more smartphone configuration stuff to deal with. Install app on each device and set the radius for the geofence and done. Now I get to just play with settings and dashboard stuff. :grinning:

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@blake.arnold hoping you might be able to help. I have an open ticket, 1026737, and still cannot enable location services. I’ve been off of Classic since November or December and on the new app when I set up a new v3 hub after a move.

Like @johnconstantelo, mobile presence on the new app has been pretty solid with “Home” and “Away” automations working well, with few exceptions, for both my wife and me on Android since the switch. I’ve done my own troubleshooting from the device to the IDE and have been working with support as well. No luck getting the “Get your location from this phone” toggle to enable under any condition yet.

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I called support and they said there is No known open bug report on this issue.
How can that be?

Hmm ticket # 1025094 talked to Jennifer and someone else. A few emails from Kaitlen some L2 person


Thank you for your help. Downgrading worked.

I have been dealing with Support for 2 weeks and counting

I’ve been dealing with support for close to 2 1/2 weeks and they would never admit that the new version of their spp caused the problem

I downgraded back to and it worked.

Lucky you
I am unable to downgrade to the previous version
App won’t allow it for Full Function of the app

I had to recreate the presence automations. Those were the only ones I couldn’t access with the old app.

1- I deleted the placeholder in the ide
2- deleted the new app
3- installed the old app (double checked that the cellphones were showing up as mobile presence and not just placeholders)
4- re-did the presence automations

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Sounds eeezy peezy and support can’t fix something that simple

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I was really upset that they wouldn’t admit that it was their latest version that was the problem

I’m glad the downgrade worked for you, however it will only last so long and the app will update again and it will break. That was the final straw with me and ST and why I left a few weeks ago and moved over to Hubitat. No more issues…

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