Presence stops working in after app update to

I turned auto update off for the apps for all of our mobile devices. It is what it is, I knew that the last app update was the issue. It looked nice, and had too many flaws including the most important one for me - mobile presence.


I found the MP in the new app is terrible!!

I have had much better results using Life360

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Can the Experienced/ Senior Users of ST confirm that Life360 “Presence” still works CORRECTLY with ST New App?

I am thinking of subscribing to Life360 to get the ST App Presence detection Automations/Scenes to work correctly

Thankyou in advance

Life360 is still working for me but I don’t know what the long-term viability for it once the Classic app is retired. If it does continue to work, then the end of groovy late in 2021 is the next deadline. Will it be converted… who knows. I will continue to use it as long as possible. YMMV… it works for me but there have been some who reported it does not work for them.

Also, life360 can only be added from the Classic app so you have until oct 14th to install it. After that, it is not possible to add in the new app at this time.

One note, in automations in the new app…

Add condition
Look for life360 in device status and not under member location

In my case, Life360 moved over and as long as I don’t touch it, it continued to work. However started having issues with it and then in talking with support they said once its removed from the new app there is no way to go back to it.

Then I moved back to mobile presence which turned into a nasty disaster after the latest app update and after 2.5 weeks of fighting the issue with support, moved to Hubitat and dumped ST.

Thanks guys

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I find that L360 doesn’t always update in the new app. For example, I arrive at home and look at my presence in L360 and it says I’m home. But I look at it in ST and it says I’m away. ST takes a while to catch up.

In my case, I use IFTTT w/L360 to throw a virtual switch that turns off my STHM, as that is my primary use for presence.

Very disappointing

I am unsuccessful in adding Life360

Did you create a place in the life360 app?

Yea i did that

Alan. You were right. I added in life 360. Stinks that smartthings couldn’t get it right

I was able to Rollback to version

Android Presence is working again
I just have to remember NOT To Update
Current version is Messed Up

If you are on a phone call while u arrive or leave
Presence never works, at least for me and my wife.
Huge issue.

Wow these guys at ST.
Won’t even acknowledge or fix the problem in the current update

I told them I rolled back to previous firmware. They say…
Okay Thanks…WTF