Presence Completely Unreliable

SmartThings now has two apps and neither one can update my presence reliably. The new app won’t even let me see who is home and I can’t trigger the away routine manually like I could with the classic app.


iPhone or Android phone?

Android phones are rock solid for me, but the iPhone stinks.

True, you can’t see your mobile devices in the new app (yet) like we did in Classic.

Your Routine in Classic would now be a Scene in the new app, which you can manually trigger. I have a dozen like that, as well as triggering through Alexa and mobile presence conditions via the new app’s Automations.

My family uses Life360 to keep track of each other (mostly to track grandparents and when we’re traveling). It integrates with ST, and honestly, is so much more reliable than the native presence (new app). I’ve set up automations with them and they all work flawlessly.

Not really a solution, I know, but a workaround at least.

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What version of Android, as mine is atrocious.

I have been running a virtual presence for a year or 2 with my presence sensor in my truck and my phone. My phone worked flawlessly before that.
I tried Life360 and it seemed fine but then my Android Pixel XL started giving me reliable presence so I quite Life360. Lately, last few weeks, phone presence has gone crap again and I am back to my virtual presence.
I use both the old and new app as I have so many devices and pistons that leaving the old app right now is imposible. Maybe the issue is that they are butting heads both running at the same time trying to determine my location?

Life360 can certainly be very useful for families. :sunglasses:

In our house, we are 3 housemates, and Life360 shares too much information when all we want is a simple barrier crossing check.

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Likely, this issue has been reported by multiple members. Presence is maintained in the cloud and you only have one cloud account, so it’s best to use only one app for presence detection.

I’m on Android and the classic app presence seems to get worse and worse so, I tried switching to the new app for presence yesterday. It worked fine last night and then failed again this morning. When I added my phone in the new app, it actually showed up in the old app (as a different device than before) and it currently shows that I’m home but the log says I left before I even woke up this morning.

I’ve been with ST since 2014 and I’m looking at alternatives for the 50th time.

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All three are on Android 7, so not the latest and greatest. We’re about to add an S10, so we’ll see how that goes.

Yep, that’s going to be when the problems start.

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I had a similar issue between the old and new app. What I had to do was remove my original presence sensors from the classic app and then I also had to log out of the classic app. I’m not sure if one or both steps were needed for the new app presence to work correctly, but it does work now.

The only issue I’m currently having is the response time of the new app for the presence detection. With the old app, I had the geofence set about 2 city blocks from my home, then by the time I reached home the app would recognize me being home. With the new app, the response is too slow, such that I’m waiting in my driveway for the app to respond. If it continues, I’ll end up increasing the radius of the geofence.

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I use Scenes to give me buttons for manually controlling location mode changes.

Create a Scene, give it the single action of changing the location mode. Button to trigger the scene is automatically created in the Scenes section of the new STSC app.

With Android you also can put a widget on your phone home screen with your scenes.

So much for my earlier comments! With the new app, my iPhone presence is use unpredictable. While I had very very occasional issues with the classic app, the iPhone presence with the new app is just terrible. With time, I hope this gets resolved.

Do you have both SmartThings apps installed? I’m not an iPhone user but seems like I’ve seen reports that having both apps installed causes issues with current iOS

That’s what I thought too @HalD, but my daughter only has the new app on her iPhone and it just will not work reliably at all. In fact, I created a custom DTH that I can use for her phone to toggle presence states when that happens because it’s so bad. I only use that custom DTH when needed (seems like all the time though), and then I switch back to ST’s stock DTH.

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Yes, I’ve both apps installed; however I’m logged out of the classic app. I think I’ll try removing the classic app for my devices. Thanks for the comment

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Thank you!