Presence sensors


Hi All.

Just bought my smartthings starter kit yesterday and I have set it all up with the motion sensor, presence sensor and door sensor.
My question is - I live on my own so I am able to arm/disarm the system from my phone no problem. However, when my partner comes round and I’m not here how does he disarm the system? Does the presence sensor automatically do this? If not could someone suggest an app that he could use, as when I downloaded the smart things app on his phone it thinks he is setting it up for the first time and it tries to go through the same sequence with setting up the hub etc which obviously isn’t needed.

Secondly - my dad sometimes pops round to fix things when I’m not here - he is not tech savvy in the slightest and has no smart phone, would it be better to give him the presence sensor and my partner an app instead?


(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #2

Each experience is different, so I encourage you to exciexperiment with the system and find what wires best for you.

For your partners phone. First, log into your account on your phone. On the home screen tap on the 3 doors in the top right corner, then tap my account. From there go to manage used and then add users.

This will send your partner an invitation at his email address. He will then create his own account, via that link, and it will automatically include him into your account.

At this point his phone can act as a separate presence sensor and you can set up the rules accordingly.

I would give the physical presence sensor to your dad.

Please note, not all users using phones as their presence sensors are having a great experience. I have four phones on my account. 3 of them work correctly 99.5% of the time. The fourth works, but sends to be rather slow to update. That phone is on sitting while the other the are on at&t.

Good luck and enjoy.