Finding a new Presence sensor

Hi, im looking for some suggestions as to finding a presence sensor to repace the one i had in a smartthings starter kit. This little key fob thing was a perfect fit for my wife who has severe sight issues, when she arrived at the front of the house i had set it to turn all the lights on set the thermostat turn the radio etc etc, but im struggling to buy another one, what options do i have please ? Thanks jools

There are some options, but we need to ask a couple of questions first.

One) what country are you in? The device selection does vary.

Two) what type of phone do you have? Again, the options vary depending on the type of phone.

Three) if you have an iPad or old iPhone plugged in at home, there are some IBeacon options (this is what I use at my house). The device doesn’t have to have cellular service, just Wi-Fi. Your wife would carry an IBeacon like the old presence sensor, so then it doesn’t matter what kind of phone she has

Hi, and thanks for reply, im in the uk, my wife has a samsung galaxy z flip.
I did install smartthings on it and tried using the phone as a presence sensor but there was huge delays with her waiting outside before it activated it.
We dont have any apple products old or new.

Update on convo, ive set up smartthings on the wifes phone, invited her to join the home via a qr code and set up a routine to activate the lights on arrival, fingers crossed it will work and ive noticed the app has alot more programming options since last used.


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I did similar and the one change I had to make to the app permissions was to allow the SmartThings app to access the location services at all times.

Once I did that, it announced her arrival in the “home zone” as expected.