Issue setting a routine / Automation

I recently changed from smartthings classic to the smartthings app, i’m having real issues understanding the new changes.

I think i’ve changed what i need too however i’m struggling with a routine. I have a presence sensor and my girlfriend connects using her phone.

I’m trying to set everything to arm once we both leave the house. Although the presence sensor is on my list of devices i can’t seem to add this to a routine. Meaning the system only arms once my girlfriend leaves the house so it ends up going off when she leaves for work but i’m still at home.

I’m guessing i’m doing something wrong and there’s not a really useful feature missing from the app?

The new app doesn’t have a routines, are you referring to an Automation?

What is she using for her presence sensor… new app’s use location, life360 or tracker?

I want to focus on where you see it in the list of devices because using the new app’s presence does not show up in the list of devices.

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Yes an automation

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Sorry, should’ve mentioned. She’s using the in app location feature.

I can see my presence sensor on the app list / App home page. I cannot see her phone in the list.

You should not see a location sensor on the dashboard or in menu > device list unless it is the sensor from your Classic app, a simulated presence sensor or physical device such as a tracker. If you see a device listed using first name + phone, then that would be the presence sensor from your Classic app. The new app uses first/last name + phone.

To enable presence in the app, click on menu > settings (the cog) and enable use location from this phone. They will not appear in your device list but they will show up when you go to create an automation.

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I’d rather not use my phone as a sensor if it can be helped. Are the presence sensors not able to work with the new app ?

Yes, physical presence sensors work and that will show in your device list. But you mentioned she was using the phone as hers and that will not appear in the device list. But you can see it when you go to create an automation in the member location section. Just checking… she is using the new app’s location and not life360? If she is using the new app, you should see it when you go to build an automation. If life360, that is slightly different… it would show in device status section and not member location.

I can see my device (prensence sensor) but not hers (iphone) on the device list.

When i try and create an automation it will only let me add the iphone to the automation and not the sensor.

The iphone is her sensor

I’m aware my point is it won’t allow me to add both her phone and my sensor in the same automation

You need to use Member Location for her phone’s status and Device status for your fob. 2 different device types in the new app.

Thats what i’m looking to do however i think i might be missing options - Are you able to tell me how you got to the point where pictured? so i can double check i’ve not missed anything?

Hit plus on the if, select member location, the device you want, and the trigger you want.

Then hit plus again, device status, find your fob, and select the trigger you want (presence only) then you are where I am!

Thanks for your help, I’m still unable to find my girlfriends phone. I might need to re-add her as a member, might explain what the issue is. Thanks again.

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