New app/STHM/Arm/Disarm

Just moved over and I am confused on this!
Using mobiles as a presence device I am trying to recreate what I had under Classic…
either of us is at home home/arrives = disarm/I am back
one leaves = nothing
both have left= arm/goodbye
How does this now work ? Somewhat lost on automations and scenes (again,maybe?!)

Ok…made some progress…only my phone was set to get location…main smartthings page,click 3 bars,click cog,click getting location from this phone ( do this on the missing phone!).
Now when you set up under automation you get more choices (one or more of you are at home-leave etc).
In other words,the various options will not appear if you only have one device set up as above. Seems my wife’s phone was showing as a device but not set up as above.

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