About to give SmartThings a try,

Hello everyone,

I’m looking to buy my first home automation device and i think i’ll go with SmartThing.
I wanted to take a look at what it looks like before i buy so i downloaded the app on both my phone and my wife one.

I set both as presence sensor. Mine seem to work fine but my wife’s one doesn’t. It’s showing her as present when she is not. i tried to uninstall and reinstall the app on the phone and same problem.

Did i set something wrong or is this a common issue?

I planned to begin with basic thing like light control and some appliance.
Is SmartThing really reliable and easy to use or you often have to tweek things and restart the hub for whatever reason?

Sorry for my bad english

Yes; do a search here as it has been discussed numerous times.

Yes it has been discuss numerous time, but searching in the forum for 2 hours didn’t gave me any solution yet…
I already tried to delete it and add it again but it didn’t work. It always show her as present even when she is not

I went back to “home and familly” —> “add a person” put my wife name click “use a connected mobile phone”—> “select or connect a presence sensor” wife phone isn’t listed. (i understant that it isn’t connected)

But my phone is listed even if it is already connected as a presence sensor and linked to me. Why would you want to add an already connected and linked sensor. i tried just to see and i could add my phone as presence sensor as many time as i wanted. I suggest you hide already connected presence sensor that are linked to someone from the “add precense sensor menu” unless there is a utility i don’t know because this doesn’t make sense to me and is just confusing

And i suggest to add an option:
When you go in “home and familly” click on the gear, select “add a person, pet or car” you should add the option "use this phone as presence senso for (put thename we just enter from previous menu) " because once you are in this menu, it really feels like it’s the right place to add a new person sensor. I mean we clicked on “add a person, pet or car” and we can’t add a person phone from there. So pleasee add the option “use this phone add presence sensor” This way, i would have been able to add my wife phone in seconds at the first try instead of many minutes searching in differents menus. hundreds times faster. I saw other thread from people trying to do the same thing from this menu. So i’m not alone for sure.

Sorry… I should have pointed out that there isn’t one… short of using the SmartThings presence sensor, which is much less flaky.