Presence Sensors Unreliable

(Ajf) #1

I put a presence sensor in each of my kids’ cars and both keep constantly reporting that they are present, then left, then present etc.

Also, I removed a lamp module from it’s outlet yet the Dashboard still shows that I can control it. Doesn’t the system pole the equipment to know that it’s no longer on the network? It seems that every piece of equipment should send a confirmation signal whenever they are given a command, like my simple Home Settings controller does.

(Chrisb) #2

Do you have a SmartThings outlet? These have been known to cause problems with other Zigbee items. I’ve also discovered much better performance of my tags when I moved my hub 4-5 feet from my wireless router.

(Ajf) #3

Yes the lamp module I mentioned is a SmartThings outlet. My hub is right next to my router. I thought this system was all Zwave not Zigbee?

(Chrisb) #4


Definitely contact support for some help on this. They’ll run you through some things to try to try and help with this.

And no, it isn’t all z-wave. All of the SmartThings branded items are Zigbee (motion sensor, multi-sensor, presence, and the SmartOutlet). As I mentioned the SmartThings Outlet has been a source of known issues.

(Ajf) #5

Actually one of my iPhones that I was using as a presence sensor isn’t working now either.

The outlet that came with my SmartThings kit says Z-Wave on it. but it is branded Jasco. So you mean they have one outlet that is Z-wave and another that is Zigbee?

(Chrisb) #6

Ah, okay… they swapped out the Zigbee one in your kit already then. Yes, they had a Zigbee outlet originally but it was giving problems with other Zigbee devices, so they were changing them to z-wave. Yours is definitely a z-wave outlet if it says Jasco on it.

(Ajf) #7

Got it thanks. Support replied with the following for anyone else having similar problems:

Sorry about the trouble you’re having. The SmartSense Presence Tags are intentionally designed to go ‘off network’ (meaning departure events), so they can be impacted by external factors. In situations like this, we know the following steps can improve consistency.

Change the channel of your Wifi router to 11 or 1 (the frequency of your Wifi channel may affect the performance of the Presence Tag as they both operate on the same frequency)

If you have a SmartSense Motion or a SmartPower Outlet, plugging it in will extend the range and dependability of your network (thus making it easier for your Presence Tag to be detected)

Move your router and Hub farther apart if possible. This can reduce potential interference.

In some rare cases the SmartPower Outlets can cause issues for other Zigbee devices (like the presence tags). If you have one connected, the easiest way to test this is to simply unplug the outlet for a day and see if you get any more false positives. If that clears it up, we can work on troubleshooting the outlet.

One additional question, just for our insight, do you use an Apple TV, Sonos, or any other 2.4Ghz devices?

Let us know if these options help, or if you need any assistance. We’ll be glad to lend a hand.