Sudden problem with multiple devices

In the last 24 hours I have had two devices stop responding correctly. First last night my presence tag with 75% battery stopped responding, I assumed the batter reading was off and replaced the battery with no luck. Then about 12 hours latter one of my motion sensors got stuck in a detected motion state. Unplugging the motion sensor resulted in no change and a restart of the hub also made no difference. Is this just bad luck on my part with multiple devices failing, or is there something else that I should be looking at? Any advice is appreciated.

Send an email to support and they’ll give you some steps to try. Off the top of my head I’d look at a possible Zigbee conflict. If you happen to have one of the original SmartOutlets (like what the Kickstarter backers received) there is a known issue with those. They look like this:

If you have one of those, that would be the first thing I’d check, but it’s only if it looks just like this. SmartThings also sent out Z-wave outlets as well as new Zigbee outlets that don’t have this issue.

Another issues is that Zigbee and WiFi share the same freq. If your hub is very close to your WiFi Router and/or your Route is using a specific channel, that can increase the chance of conflict. Support can help walk you through some of these things to hopefully rectify the situation.

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Guess that should have been the obvious thing to do, thanks, email sent to them.

I don’t have that outlet thankfully, my current problems are with a SmartThings Presence tag and a SmartThings Motion Detector.

I suppose it is possible that it is wifi interference, however these have been running for about a year without issue, and no changes in the wifi setup.

Hopefully support will have some suggestions to fix them.

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Guess that should have been the obvious thing to do, thanks, email sent to them. [/quote]
Hey, no harm in asking if anyone else has had similar issues…

Sorry… I didn’t make that very clear. The problem with the old outlet was that it interfered with Zigbee communications from other devices. I had my presence sensors and motion sensor all stop because the outlet went hay-wire. But again, for anyone else who might come to this thread: That was the OLD outlet… the one pictured above.

Hmm… definitely seems less likely then. Do you have any other Zigbee devices? If so, are they working?

Ah, sorry, I don’t have any of the SmartThings outlets, old or new. Mine are mostly GE.

As for the Zigbee devices, I have door sensors, and it does appear that they are still functioning.

Well on closer look some might be and others might not be. Support is double checking things now.