Presence Sensors & Smart Home Monitor


I’ve just been upgraded to the new Smartthings App but I’m having trouble finding my way around.

How do I use my presence sensors to change the Smart Home Monitor status? I could do this in the old app but can’t see where to do this now? For example, when I leave, the house is Amed (Away) and when I come home, it changes to Disarmed.

Please help, it’s driving me crazy.

This might be a good place to start.

Already tried there. Unless I’m missing something obvious.

It is recommended that you continue using the SmartThings Classic app instead of the new SmartThings (Samsung Connect) app at this point. :slight_smile:

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Is It???

Yes indeed

Great. I’ve removed the classic app and now when I reinstall, it doesn’t recognise my hub code.

You can’t use presence to change SHM with the new app. Log back in to classic with the same credentials you use for the new app.

I have signed into the old app, but I can’t re-add my hub as it says my 6 digit code is now invalid.

You don’t need to re-add. Should be able to sign in with the same credentials. Try changing your Samsung account password and then logging in. If that doesnt work, contact support. They can straighten out sign in issues.

Tried everything, but still no luck getting my hub added to the classic app. Wish I could chat online to support, but they are always unavailable. Wish I had never upgraded.

Email them. They are pretty responsive.

Does your system arm when the mode is set to Away? If so you can set a custom automation and use your presence sensors being not home for “If” then set mode to away as the “Then” option.

Changing the mode to “away” does not change the Smart Home Monitor status, it just changes the mode - unless I’m missing something?

That is correct

Came here to ask the same question. I can’t switch back to classic as I have a Powerbot and it requires the new one.

I can switch it manually but that sort of defeats the point of having a thing line smart things.

Hopefully they get it fixed soon.

You can login to classic with the same credentials as the new app.

Correct I can log in to the classic, but it doesn’t support the Powerbot (even gives an error telling me to use the new app) so I am forced to use the new one. Which just means I have to manually turn on and off the SMH for now.

you can login to classic and update the presence timeout for your arrival sensor. Then go back to using the new app.

any news on when they will update the SHM system to be able to use presence sensors?