Few issues Moving to SmartThings from SmartThings Classic

So i’ve been using the ST Classic app until now but i’ve got a new Samsung S20+ and it seems the new devices come pre-installed with SmartThings which is the new app. I’ve got two issues with it at the moment. Firstly, for some weird reason i am seeing a lot of Dlink DCH-Z510 devices (over 20) all saying checking status. But in my actual IDE and my classic app I only have 1 Dlink DCH-Z510 device. I know I was doing a lot of testing with device handlers when installing the DCH-Z510 but I dont know why I have so many in the new ST app. Is there a way to remove them?

And secondly, regarding presence sensors. My ST Classic App I have presence sensors. My wife’s iPhone has ST classic as a presence sensor so she shows up as a device and my old phone shows up as a device. But none of the presence sensor devices are showing up in the new ST app. How can I use presence sensor with this?

Thank you

It should be safe to remove them from the new app, but you could also be running into a sync issue. Try deleting one and validate things are ok, but I’d also reach out to ST support.

That’s a big issue for me - mobile presence devices do not show up in the new app. They are really there, but do not show up as devices/tiles. You’ll still find them available within Automations, Scenes, and SmartApps. What some people have done is create a virtual device that’s linked to the mobile presence device. The virtual device will show up as a switch in the new app. PITA workaround, and I don’t do it. I’ve just gotten use to this lacking feature of the new app, along with many other shortcomings. I also still use Classic a lot more than I expected since I’ve tried to fully switch over.

Thank you. So if I wanted to use my phone as a mobile presence sensor without using ST Classic, how will I do that? If i was to install ST Classic, add the presence sensor then uninstall classic, will the new ST app be able to report the presence status?

also where is the Smart Home Arming Disarming section?

To enable phone location in the new app, go to menu > settings > use phone location. As noted, you do not get a device that shows in the device list but you can use the presence in automations.

To enable SmartThings HomeMonitor (STHM) go to the + in the upper right of the screen anD select Smartapps And choose SmartThings Home Monitor to enable on the main dashboard. Please note: Smart Home Monitor (SHM) in the Classic app and SmartThings Home Monitor (STHM) in the new app are two completely separate apps. So changes made in one is not reflected in the other so it is best if you remove SHM in the Classic after your install STHM in the new app. Otherwise, if you set off an alarm in both apps, you would need to dismiss the alert in both apps which confuses users. To remove in the Classic, remove all SHM rules first, then remove The SHM app.

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You can create a mobile presence in either the classic app or the new app. These are two separate things and are created differently. If you create one in each app you’ll end up with two mobile presences. No matter which app the presence is created by it won’t show up as a device that you can use to visually or easily check presence status in the new app, but either one (or both if you create two) will show up in the classic app with their own presence tiles. You can use mobile presence sensors created in either app as triggers or conditions for automations, rules, etc in both the new app or classic app. Some people have reported issues with using presence sensors created by both apps simultaneously. I’ve tested this and not had any issues, but it’s still something to consider. I’ve also tested reliability of the two presence sensors and not found much difference. The minor differences seem to mostly be related to the general buggy nature of the new app.

What about notifications that I have set up already? The classic app receives notifications that I have set up but I’m not receiving the notifications that I receive on the classic app on my other phone

Hey there! @ahmed24

Thank you for reaching back out for further assistance.

You mentioned that you have already set up notifications in the classic app.

Do you mean that you have set up a push notification that is sent to your S20+ but it is not being sent as a push notification to the other device or shown in the History section of the new ST app? Does any information appear in the History for the second phone?

The first thing I would recommend checking is that the second mobile presence sensor has been added as a User(Classic App) or Members(New ST APP) to the location via the Users section of the classic app or Member section of new ST app. They are linked either through the Samsung Account Email for the second phone.

This allows you to set a Notification that is then pushed to the allowed Users/Memebers of the location based on your criteria.

Here is a troubleshooting article that can assist with adding members: https://support.smartthings.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002085066-How-can-I-invite-members-in-the-SmartThings-app-

If the user has successfully been added and you are still not receiving the notifications, I would recommend reaching out to Smartthings Support Team at 1-866-813-2404 and we will be happy to look into your concerns further.

I hope this message finds you well!


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Thanks for your reply. No what I mean is that i used to have a S10+ which I had the ST Classic App and my wife has an iPhone with the ST Classic App. I have automation rules set up. So for example 1 rule is it alerts me when SHM status changes. So before I used to get alert on both the S10+ and the iPhone via the ST Classic App. Now I have a S20+ and my wife still has the iPhone. On the S20+ i’m trying to not use the ST Classic and trying to get to grips with the new ST app so I have not loaded the Classic App. However, all those automation alerts are only going to my wife’s ST Classic App and I don’t receive any alerts.

Also how does the Smart Home Monitoring status work on this new app? I can’t see it anywhere

SHM is not the same on both apps. The new app changed it to SmartThings Home Monitor (STHM) and it’s completely different. Changes in one will not affect the other.

But I just used SHM as an example, I don’t get any alerts from any automation. I have quite a few automation rules set up in ST classic as well as in webcore. I have a push notification for when my air conditioner turns on. I get this push notification on the st classic but not on the new st. I’m not getting any push notifications whatsoever.

In regards to STHM in new ST, where do I find it in the new ST app?

@ahmed24 STHM can be found under SmartApps. (If you click the 3 line menu button in the top left of the new app next to your hub name, click SmartApps, you’ll see it there). But as previously noted, you should remove all rules setup in SHM in classic first, then delete SHM so you don’t have both monitoring. If you just delete SHM, all the rules you have created will still continue to run in the cloud. Once you have added STHM, you will see it on the main dashboard and can click the 3 dots in the top right corner of the new app, click on edit, and then move it to where you want it to be displayed. I have mine at the top for quick access.

I lost the STHM app and it is not appearing in the Smartapps

More details? Did you have it installed and it disappeared? Or you are moving from the Classic app and not seeing it.

If just installing the new app and not seeing it, you can install it by clicking + (plus) in the upper right of the screen and selecting Smartapp, then choose STHM.

If previously had STHM in the new app and it disappeared, try logging out of the app, sign back in and see if it shows up. If not, follow steps above to install again.

Or contact ST support and report the issue.

I had it working in the new app. After migration it stopped working and in the app said it was not supported. I was told to delete and reinstall. After deleting it is not showing up. I uninstallled the new app and re installed and still not available. I have the ADT hub but have had no issues with the home monitor working with my automation and webcore sync for the ADT