Smartthings Presence sensors

I was looking in all the topics about disconnecting Smartthings presence sensors but it seems like I am alone with the problem.
Since about one week I suffer false notifications. Every few hours my two Smartthings presence sensors are disconnecting for one-two seconds to connect again. It is very annoying as we are at home, and the presence sensors are programmed to switch off the alarm + to trigger welcome scene at home. It means that every time they are connecting again, all the lights at home are switching on.
I have changed the batteries, any improvements.
Finally I had to temporarily remove the scene from automated actions.

Can someone help me with this issue? Last months everything was working fine.



Smartthings app version:
Software 31.4
Hub V2

Where are these sensors with respect to the hub, and/or another zigbee repeater?

It almost sounds like an interference or range issue.

With regards to interference issues, did you add any new WiFi devices to your home, did you move your WiFi router around potentially too close to your ST hub, or did something change with your WiFi router that could have changed the WiFi channel to something interfering with you ST hub’s zigbee channel?

With regards to range issues, low batteries could be a concern, which you’re addressing, but If they’re too far away from the hub or zigbee repeater, they could be behaving like you’re describing. I put a zigbee plug in my garage to prevent issues like this, as well as modifying the sensor to use 2 AA batteries.

Those sensors are connected to the keys.

Didn’t change anything at home.

The batteries are new.

Do they disconnect at the same time? Are they left in the same place? Has anything changed about where or how you store them or has anything been added or moved in the house?

I have several of the fobs with varying numbers of keys on. Every now and again one will drop out and the remedy is always to just rearrange the fob slightly so it is lying or hanging slightly differently, and I am talking about very small differences such as moving the keys and fobs by a centimetre or two, rotating them, or moving the fob away from the keys.

In terms of changes to the house, I am talking about anything from moving a cupboard to seemingly trivial things like putting a metal box in a different position on a shelf.

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They disconnect at the same time.
Nothing has changed nor added.

Maybe it was related to maintenance of the hub?

Strange. I have used these in the old and new app and have always had 100% success for 5 years.
Cell phone on the other hand, well, you know :wink: