Issue with Presence Sensors


Have any of you had major issues with your Presence Sensors recently? In the last week I’ve had abnormal leave/arrive delays up to hours after I was already home and while I am asleep its saying I left and came back, while its sitting in the same room as the hub. Only been doing this in the past week. All 3 have been perfect since Dec.


Do you have any SmartThings outlets? I’ve heard that the “old” original ones that shipped with the kits caused a lot of issues with the presence sensors.

I have the outlet that came with the current kit on Amazon. Bought in Dec 2013.

I have had the same problem recently. I moved my hub today per ST tech support’s suggestion to get it further away from my router. Jury is still out…

Mine caused this issue when it was in the same cabinet as my WiFi AP. The orginal ZigBee outlet also caused me tons of greif, but mostly by delaying their initial join time.

Yeah my nearest Wifi AP is 2 rooms away and the main AP/router is at the other end of house. I don’t think this is causing the problem. Also dunno if this helps but nothing network, device, or hardware wise has changed in my house in the last month or so and the issue is only in the last week. Hmm…

For the heck of it, try unplugging that SmartOutlet and see if things start to work. If that helps, contact support and they will replace that outlet for you I bet.

I’ll give that a try later today and let you guys know if that solves it. The hub, outlet, switch, and multi-sensor are in the same room.

For the false left/arrived events, you could also try increasing your presence timeout in the IDE (My Hubs–>View Utilities–>Update Presence Timeout).

Additionally, if you have a SmartSense motion, plugging that in rather than using battery power will make it act as a Zigbee repeated and could improve performance.