Presence Sensor mobile phonea

Hi all I’m having trouble setting up my android mobile phone as a Presence Sensor, I cannot get it to work in any shape os form. I also would like to set up the kids mobile as well. Your help is needed. Sorry as pointed out I left some information out, I’m using the new app and my smartthings is v2.

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Tell us the specific trouble you are having and maybe someone will chime in.

Are you using the Classic app or the new app? The experiences are different between the apps. Regardless, you will need to give your kids access to SmartThings for presence to be able to work.

Ive udated my question, thanks

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It’s the new app and smartthings hub v2

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You would need to set up accounts for your kids…

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Will having both apps on your phone make a issue? I am having similar issues. I started using the smartthings app. Then I switched to the classic because nothing I was trying to do worked in the new app. But I have yet to get the presence sensors to work correctly on either app.

iOS or Android?

Android Samsung G9