Presence leaving and coming back in the night disarms the alarm

never seen this before
but its happened 2/3 times in the past week and never been an issue before i have made no changes to the system for a good few weeks now so cant work out whats happening and why

so i have the security alarm to disarm at 7am and to arm at 22.00
when both mine and my partners mobiles leave after 10 mins it sets the alarm to away and then when 1 of us comes back it will disarm the alarm
this is working fine and not an issue
but i have had notifications twice now that my wife’s phone has left once at just after midnight and come back about 30 mins later we was both up so i know the phone didnt leave but as the phone returned it done the welcome home and disarmed the alarm
then i got up this morning to fine it did the same thing at 3am and returned at 3.46am do it disarmed the alarm i didnt spot this will 7 when i got up so i looked at the history and also noticed it did it earlier in the night around 12.05 went and come back 2 mins later this didnt disarm the alarm as it would have been within the 10 mins before it takes action
we both have the 360 app on our phones to track the kids mobiles and are both also in the group so i checked the movement on the 360 app but it showed no movement all night as it should have been so i am wondering is it the smartthings playing funny games
when i first got the smartthings i did set it up using the 360 app but found the 360 app was having issues so removed it from smarttings a few weeks later and used the smarttings own geo fencing and its been faultless up till now
i have changed the arm away time from 10 mins to 20 but dont really want to go any longer than that

if anyone can help or recommend a fix for this that would be great

My Mrs 360 was playing up recently. The only thing I did was calibrate the compass on her phone, and made sure apps were up to date. That was a few weeks ago.

It seems to be fine when she leaves, yet when she arrives CoRE is somewhat late with the messages.
Speaking of CoRE, one thing you dont mention, is how you have this set up. Is it native SHM, or CoRE (or something similar)?


I think Life360 is just playing up right now. I’ve had this set for over a year with no issues. In the last few weeks I’ve been getting very late updates. I think the cause must be the link between Life360 and smartthings as the location updates correctly in the Life360 app.

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hi i use the geo fencing off the native shm and dont use life360 i took this off ages ago as was way to unreliable

it also happened again last night to my phone this time at 2am and i returned at 2.02am i defo didnt leave the house
sees like somthink has changed within smartthigs to start doing this after it working fine and no changes being made
i wonder if this is the start of false triggers and what not

use my presence sensor device type… I reported this over a year ago and patched the device type to be ignored by smartthings as normal…

My device type ignores state changes ie setting to arrived when you havent left… I keep track of the current state which the stock drivers does not…

Only tonight noticed we were both “away” yet we were here. Checked 360, which said we were also both home. Yet IDE was away, I simply went into the Life360 connect, next, next etc. Then we were both home.

So possibly an issue between the 360 and ST!
Admittedly this is the first I’d seen it like this. Before it was a 360 issue alone.

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This is why I use a virtual presence device with multiple source methods to detect presence.
Sources include:

  • Life360 connect
  • the native smartthings app
  • a script that runs on my DHCP server (similar to the WRT script people use on routers)
  • IFTTT on location switch smartthings
  • Tasker to switch presence on/off which detecting home wifi

Also some of us have the arrival sensor too.

Due to so many sources I very rarely have a problem with detect presence.

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I can just about get away with having Life360 on the other halves phone. Doubt I’d get away with more. Which sadly makes the “look busy the Mrs is home” Alert somewhat hit and miss :sweat:


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A simple if partial solution is to restrict which modes the actions can run in.

I’ve set mine so the ‘I’m Back’ function can only run when someone arrives while the mode is ‘Away’. This should prevent the security from disarming at night.

igiham think you may of nailed it just gon into im back settings as done the following does this sound right to you

set smart home monitor to

change mode to

when someone arrives
(2 mobile presence added)

dont automatically do this if i am in one of theses modes

the only time i think this would fail is if say the wife is indoors and i am out and the alarm sets at 10pm (alarm is set auto at 10pm) and if i come back say 11pm then it will not disarm and i will need to manually disarm it
if this is the case then it will work just perfect

Did you loose wifi or mobile data when this happened? I lost wifi the other night on my phone and it showed me as leaving and then when the wifi came back on it showed I was now present. When all this happened the alarm disarmed and then rearmed. Don’t know if this is what happened to you, but def happened to me.

i dont think its wifi connected i have looked over the Virgin router histoery and sign of any drop outs at that time

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That sounds right. Hope it solves the issue for you.