Latest Update Device Recognition Issues

Since the latest Hub firmware rolled out yesterday, I’m experiencing issues with both Smartphones being recognized for events tied to automations like “I’m Back” (someone arrives) and “Bye!” for when everyone leaves. One of the devices had been gone for over an hour today and the last reported from that device was that it arrived over a day ago.

Not sure if it’s related to the firmware update or not, but curious if anyone else is experiencing and/or has potential fixes.

There have been some other similar reports, but I don’t know if they’re related:

Make sure you report yours to support so they can take a look at it. You can click on support in the upper right of this page to get the contact information for them.

i just emailed it over to support as well

i did also have the nugget update on my android about 2 weeks ago but i dont think they are connected

They pulled the update thisorning as had an email saying it been set back till further notice