Alarm setting itself

Hi i have my smartthings to set the alarm. In away mode when both me and my wife leave the house and disarm when 1 of us arrives and I also have smartthings set to night mode and arm at 10pm and disarm at 6am all this works fine but last week when both was at home smartthings decided it wanted to arm to night mode around mid afternoon for no reason and alarm triggered when I answered the door and after checking the logs for the. Mobile presence neither changed on the logs so put it down as a glitch well again today it decided to arm again to night mode at 14.55 and when 1 of the kids when out at 15.15 it triggered the alarm again checking the logs and the mobile presence has not changed so pretty lost with it has anyone got any suggestions on what could be going on

Have you logged into the IDE to check what triggered the shm to arm.

Hi yes opening the door triggered the alarm it’s the arming for no reason I will take a look on the IDE as didn’t think of that as may show why it armed without reason