Smart Alarm

My Smart Alarm is now completely broke. I am getting ARMED Away messages, but do not get any DISARMED messages. As such when I return home and I get Alarm messages. Same issues I had with SHM.

I use Life 360 as my presence. ST is becoming completly useless for me. I used this setup because SHM didnt work and now this setup is also broken

Seriously what gives.

I haven’t had those problems since I got rid of presence sensors, and use the IRIS keypad with a 30 second entry and exit delay.

@toomuch, I agree with what @joelw135 said. I don’t use mobile phones for presence sensors, just the physical devices (arrival sensors). I also have set my Presence Timeout to 9 minutes (2 is the default).

I plagiarized this from a post in the Community:

You can set the amount of time it takes for a presence tag to be marked absent. If you’re having problem with it checking in and out a lot for no reason, you can set it to be longer to get rid of false positives.

Another Major security flaw of using a phone as a presence sensor or 360 is that you can be at a neighbor’s home three or even four houses away and your alarm has disarmed. So I choose the traditional keypad as a arming or disarming. If I could find an RFID unit that works with ST I might even try that.

What irks me is mobile presence should not be that big of a nut to crack. The physical device key fobs etc just seem like another backhanded way to charge the customer base for a product feature thats supposed to work in presence.

I don’t disagree, and hopefully, some day, when bluetooth on our hub gets turned on; that can be used for detecting mobile presence. I’m not holding my breath on that happening for a while until ST can get a little more grounded with all the other things they need to focus on.