Presence detection no longer working as expected

Not sure if the latest firmware has caused an issue, but presence detection upon returning home after being away for 30 minutes or more has stopped working as expected.

I have a routine that basically says when i return home after being away for 30+ minutes, turn on a virtual presence sensor, then turn it off after 10 minutes.

What’s actually happening is that it detects I’ve returned, turns on the presence sensor, then immediately turns it off.

I know other things are not working as they should be, so another one to add to the list?

why does motion sensor show in history for the presence sensor? with a motion sensor image above the name

It’s ironic that you created this post as I was thinking of asking for help on solving the presence sensing problems I’ve been having.

ST presence sensing has never reliably worked for me either. I have tried everything that I can think of to fix it - adjusting geofence radius, deleting and recreating routines that depend on presence, toggling the presence routine on/off - but nothing has helped. Literally every other app that I use for presence detection automations (Google Home, Nest, MacroDroid) all work flawlessly so I have no idea what the problem is with the ST app.

It’s shared to Alexa to trigger an Alexa routine.

Only certain types of virtual sensors worked for me with Alexa.
I found the presence sensor met my needs and used to work consistently.

to me, it looks like you are using a virtual motion sensor for a presence sensor. That would account for it changing. I may be wrong :slight_smile:

Yes that’s what it is.
I didn’t read/interpret your original response properly.

I know i had to do some experimenting to find one that worked with Alexa.

I gave up on ST app presence sensing long ago. Was using Life360 until January when Groovy apps were shut down. Since then I’ve been using Alexa app location to trigger virtual presence sensors in ST. Works very reliably.

Because it is Oscar night: Tomorrow, Tomorrow!

Identified - The issue has been identified and seems to be affecting users due to “Daylight Savings Time” being on for US region. Expectation is that as the day turns to tomorrow, the issues should go away.
Mar 12, 2023 - 23:29 UTC

I think it is most time based routines not just Smartlighting.

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I’m not using any part of the Amazon Alexa ecosystem so that isn’t an option for me. What I like about MacroDroid is that it gives me the ability to set the GPS location polling frequency - which works great. At first I thought my trouble with ST presence sensing was being caused by the fact that I use ZeroTier One to connect to my Pi-hole for DNS ad and tracker blocking while on the mobile network but that possibility was eliminated because the other apps which rely on geolocation for automations work fine. It’s been bothering me for a while that I haven’t been able to figure out why the ST app is so bad at geolocation.
I see there was a solution but the Improved Mobile Presence (smartapp?) is now obsolete and hasn’t yet been updated to work with Edge.

What OS are we using, IOS or Android?

Using both.

I have several different types of presence sensing methods on Android.

  • Tasker using a Geofences plugin called AutoLocation.
  • Stock ST location that sets a VR presence Sensor. This has a switch capability that allows you to toggle, on/off / present/not present
    (If you have a Schlage Smart lock you can use a custom drive that supplies the lock codeName you can use that as a backup to set presence)
  • Tasker to intercept life360 notifications using a plugin called AutoNotification. This in turn sends a rest API command to toggle the a VR presence sensor.
  • Us GH home and away routines to toggle a master VR presence sensor (anyone home / everyone away)
  • I also have a ST routine that sets the presence based on who unlocks the front door.

As you can see Tasker has a lot to do with it but you can definitely do the last one in sharptools or ST. I will be happy to help with any questions you have.


Hitting two birds with one stone in this thread; I’m giving up on ST presence sensing and trying the virtual switch approach that’s triggered by a Google Home app Away routine. Should’ve done this long ago. Thanks.

I (OP) am using Android 13.

Was working fine until the last week or so.

It was my wife that mentioned to me that the “bald guy is returning home” announcements weren’t working anymore.

Using a Sonos to make announcements?

No, Echo devices.

Virtual sensor shared between ST and Alexa.

Alexa routine fires off when the sensor is turned on.

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Last night my presence detection routines started working again as expected.

could you explain how this works? I am having the same lack of reliability using a samsung galaxy S23 ultra for arrival and departure routines. TIA

Explained here.


Not sure if it could be related…

I have a Note 10+5G and have a simple routine to close my Meross garage door at 10pm, if it is open. It stopped working. I thought maybe it was because something was blocking the beam across the floor.

What I realized (I think) is the issue, its isnt refreshing/updating the status of the door. If I open either the Meross app or SmartThings, it shows the opposite status of the door, i.e. it shows closed when its actually open.