Presence Sensor - Arrival Automation Fails in New App

For probably close to 3 years now I’ve used presence sensors for when me or my spouse arrive at home.

Idea being when one car arrives home it runs the automation. For some reason over the past couple weeks any time one car leaves it triggers our welcome home automation.

If I had to venture a guess it’s because when one presence device times out it refreshes the presence for both sensors and sees that one is home and triggers the automation.

Does anyone use presence sensors in this fashion and have this issue?

I am actually more surprised it ever worked. I’d expect the Automation to be triggered whenever either Presence Sensor changes so I’d expect it to run the actions every time a car arrives and when the first one leaves.

You seem to be using the Location Modes so, assuming it gets set when both of you have left, I’d suggest testing for the Location Mode being Away, ideally as a precondition.

I’m not experiencing any issues with mine other than ST occasionally fails to detect the arrival of my phone. My wife’s phone is always detected and mine fails to detect at least a couple times per week. There have been a few times where the app detects my phone an hour or so after I arrive. This triggers my garage door to open and announce my arrival on our alexa devices. Not cool :frowning:

Thanks for replying. @orangebucket - it has worked for a while and I don’t have a Location Mode tied to it because I had a door lock and garage door open command tied to it. That way when either one of us came home it would open the doors. I removed them for troubleshooting.

I guess I’ll have to work through the logic again . I really wish they would give us a “changes to” option for the presence sensor like I believe webcore has.

Ah right. I’ve not really got my thinking head on at the moment, but couldn’t you do that by having two Automations, one for each car?

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@orangebucket Thanks! That’s a good idea. I try to minimize the amount of automations I have but that will do the trick

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I’m having a similar issue! Thought it was me but now I think it may be the app upgrade. I have automations based on presence sensors in each car. This was born when I had two garage doors and needed it but then I left it for purposes of going out together and coming back together in the same vehicle. One automation opens the garage door upon arrival of a vehicle, the other automation unlocks and disarms, Since the app update it wiped out the conditions using the presence sensors, won’t save if I add and won’t save if I delete and start from fresh. This is why my automations aren’t working. :frowning: Is that what you are experiencing @freb?

Sorry @cvastola my presence sensors show up fine. In my first post the automation I have listed would fire when just one car left instead of when one car showed up.

I figure the logic it was using is the automation run when the presence updated on one car and it saw that the other car was home and acted on that fact…

For my problem I just used @orangebucket’s idea and split that automation into one for each car and it works perfectly now.

Ahh…I ended up just building the automations in the smart lighting app…seems to be working just fine