Presence routines stopped working? (31 May 2024)

My presence routines stopped firing on iOS, and the virtual presence sensor has the same issue. My back/away routines are just no longer working. I’ve logged out and back in, deleted the app, and made sure the smartthings location services is set to always. Anyone else seeing anything?

Mine is working.

I had similar problems a while back. I seem to have fixed it by removing my iPhone as a presence sensor (Turn off “Get your location from this phone”), and then adding your phone back. Note that you’ll have to edit all routines that use your phone as a presence sensor after you do this.

Having to touch each Routine that uses location tracking/presence any time you change your location tracking method is the reason I use virtual presence sensors in my Routines. I then set the state of the virtual presence sensors based on the underlying location tracking method. In my case, I use Alexa location tracking and have Alexa app routines setting the state.