How do I set up push notifications when somebody arrives in new app?

(Dan) #1

My wife and I used to get push notifications when people arrive via either mobile presence or presence sensor. After we got upgraded to the new Android app, we’re not getting notifications any more.

I added my wife and I as contacts in the Contacts section and set up the notifications there. I believe this will result in text messages. I don’t really need a text message when I can get a (free) Android notification.

Are normal Android push notifications deprecated with the new app? Is Contacts the only way to get notified now? Is there a thread or post explaining the new behavior somewhere? Or (most likely) am I missing something?


I don’t know if it’s the same as the iOS app, it used to be. Hopefully someone with the android app can verify this.

But if it is the same, you can do this with a custom alert set up in smart home monitor.

  1. Open smart home monitor
  2. click the gear icon at the top right. You should see the monitoring categories

Three) choose custom alerts
4) choose create new monitoring rule
Five) it will ask what type of device you want to use. Choose presence.
6) specify which device, and whether you want to monitor arrival or leaving.
Then At the top right of the screen.

Seven) now you will be able to specify either push notifications or text notifications or both. Tap next at the top right to continue.
Eight) give the new alert a name. Then tap done at the top right

(Dan) #3

Thanks for the reply. That is more or less how I configured the notifications.

When I get to the notification page, I see this:

If I click the green +, I get a page with the two users I added in Contacts:

Those users get text messages. How do I get just push notifications?

(Lee) #4

When you entered the contacts did you add your email?
I was missing that step. When I added my Smartthings login email the PUSH option became available.

(Dan) #5

I did not. Still busy testing things out, but for now it looks like if I simply don’t select anyone on the contact page, I still do get push notifications.