Push notifications to those who are present

I’d love the capability to send push notifications to directed people, and to only to those who are present. (And know who received the notifications.)

This would be great for laundry notifications. I don’t need the notifications if I am at work and my wife is doing the laundry. Just send them to who is home. (Notifications to those present) If no one is home send to all users.

Another cool feature would be the ability to remember who was home when the laundry started, and when it finishes send notifications to those people. (Notifications to directed people)


+1 on this. This would require ST to modify the phone apps, but it is a great idea.

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For what it’s worth, this could be done with a SmartApp and a Text messages… obviously not the same thing as a push notification, but it’s an options if it’s something you need now.

I agree, @chrisb. But, I would really like to see it native to the app. That would allow for it to be consistent across all smartapps instead of the half-dozen or so ways I’m sure we would see it coded. Its great example of an expansion of the API to ensure a consistent, stable product. Hopefully ST is looking at what the developers are doing, finding common themes, and looking to make them easier by standardizing the process in the most efficient way possible for the app, the hub, and the back-end.

crosses fingers

Couldn’t you use an arduino to notify smartthings when the washer or dryer is done and then create an if then scene in smartthings that when when the laundry is done it sends a message to smartthings and if your phone or key fab is home it will then send you a message?

I believe it could be done with texting, but not with push notifications.