Presence based automation stops working

A week or so ago, i notied my mobile phone presence arrival trigger wasn’t firing off. I toggled the phone location tracking within the app (deleting thelinked automations) and re-created them. Seems to have worked great again for a few days-week.

Today, i noticed the arrival didn’t fire off again. from the graph api website, i can see in my device event history the transitions are there for the devices. But when i look in history activity tab of the ‘new’ app i see
‘unknown device’ presence of “PHONE NAME” is: Arrived, but nothing indicating further firing of the automation.

anyone else experience this or have some advice?

edit: phone name is correct, just didn’t put it here.

Mine is working. Doors unlock and lights come on when I arrive.

what kind of phone and which app?

Samsung Note 9 (Android) the new smartthings app