Phone location not triggering automations

I’ve migrated from classic to the new app but now none of my household’s phone’s location trigger automations.

When we all leave home it should arm my security system and when anybody returns it should disarm the system.

This has worked fine for years using classic and now It no longer does. What could be the problem?

Location services are set to allow always.

Does you automation trigger a scene and does that scene change the mode of the house? I had to move mode change to the automation instead of the scene and my location trigger is working better than ever (fingers crossed).

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Yes that’s exactly what it does.

However, when I look in history I don’t see any of the phones leaving or arriving so even with your change is it going to work?

As I see it the phones leaving and arriving aren’t triggering anything.

Secondly, in the classic app you could see which members were home or away. How’s that done in the new version of the app?

You can’t see them as you could in the Classic app. That is a bad miss on Smartthings part.
I created a quick automation that said if my mobile left notify me with a push message. I did the same for my wife. I then drove in and out of my geofence and proved it was working. I deleted the problematic automation (created during migration) and tried to add it back. It wouldn’t allow me to pick the scene I wanted. The one that migrated. I was trying to build it back exactly as it was. The only scene it would allow was a scene without a mode change. As soon as I deleted mode change in the scene, it became available to the automation. I added it in and tested. Worked great. After cleaning up my other scenes, I was able to build all of my location based automations.

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I had this problem and fixed it by removing the old “device” that was associated with the phone and reestablishing phone location in the new app. Also. You need to manually change the location services to “always” from “while using the app” in IOS.
To turn on presence detection, open the smart things app, sign in, click the 3 horizontal lines, then click the settings gear in the upper right corner. Turn on “Get your location from this phone.”

Done that. However, today it’s decided to work although the second “arrival” didn’t pick me up as coming home.

I’ll monitor over the coming days.

Think the arrival was my problem and think I’ve fixed it…

I’m still having the same problems … and I’ve tried everything here!

My and my wife’s cellphones both migrated over to the new app when I made the switch from Classic.

Oddly, when I set us up in the new app and did everything to enable geolocation, each of our devices now shows up twice — as though we each had two phones:

  • John Doe’s John’s iPhone
  • John’s iPhone

Then, I set up my kids in the new app (they weren’t in the old one) along with their iPhones as presence sensors. (They previously used Arrival Sensors, which I’m getting rid of.)

Everything is set up correctly in the new app … location and perimeter set correctly, “Get your location” turned on in the app, location tracking set to ‘Always’ in the iPhone settings, wifi and wireless both always on.

I created a basic automation to test it in the new app (since the devices and their status aren’t actually visible anywhere in the app):


  • 7:30am to 6:00pm weekdays
  • This member isn’t home: X’s iPhone
  • Stays this status for how long? = 1 minute


  • Send a notification to members: “X left a few minutes ago.”

Success with this automation so far?

Zilch. Nothing!! No notifications ever.


Reopen the automation and carefully check it. For me in the automation conditions by default the WHO tab selects nobody… You need to manually add people to it for the condition to work.

I checked that … each of the iPhones definitely are included in their respective Automation!

Still not working. Grrrrr.

I’ve set up different arrival notification and departure notification automations for each family member (each with their own iPhone).

None of those automations work!

(The if/then statements that I use in those automations are as mentioned in my earlier post.)

As mentioned above, all of the location / location sharing / perimeter settings in our apps and in our iPhone settings appear to be correct.

This is so bloody frustrating. Help!!

Have you tried restarting your phone? When it comes to location, it’s normal to crash from time to time. I’ve had a phone for 5 years and before I’ve changed it, I couldn’t even use GPS and play music at the same time, because it would simply stop. I’ve decided that time has come to change it and now I’m looking for different options. I want a phone that is able to use GPS properly because I’m planning on using in order to be able to monitor my kids. They even have a phone that’s better than mine haha