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Monoprice has the Z-Wave Garage Door Sensor for $21.99…
[/quote]Unfortunately, it is out of stock.

Monoprice does have a $20 off orders of $100 coupon: 1STDOWN

@keltymd the MyQ uses a tilt sensor, and with all updates, should properly show when the door is opened or closed. Another sensor will just be overkill

yeah but it takes about a minute or two or longer to show up as closed in ST sometimes. I thought adding a tilt sensor would allow me more immediate notification of the door closing so I dont keep getting txt and alerts from SHM every time I leave

@metfoo. What driver are you running for the myq? Just want to make sure I have the good one.

Shows up as 179.99. Did I just miss it in 2 days?


Big Orange has the individual bloom “bulbs” for $59
Not as good as 2/$99 at BB , but still a fair deal

Cheap phone with Lollipop to use for a wall controller or as a Speech/Alarm Device for $20.

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Just got an extra Iris Home Automation Kit - CentraLite “Keypad”. Need a CentraLite or Ecolink Motion or Contact sensor. Anyone want to trade?

ETA: Will also trade for good Open/Close sensors.

They make great leak sensors, Add wires to the terminals. Change device type. That easy.

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Thanks for the heads up on the Manhattan Lowe’s iris deal! I just picked up the last of the sensors I need for all my doors and windows! It was free shipping, and I was able to stack a 10% iris coupon that Lowe’s had sent with the iris v2 hubs. It was almost buy 2 get 2 free!

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Yeah, really easy hack. I use cloth covered floral wire so the entire length will be a trigger if any point gets wet not just the ends like a standard moisture sensor. Taped wire to an old yardstick and slid it under the washer for a larger monitored area.


Bought two more GoControl kits today for $24 with the two open/close sensors and the motion. The kit with the alarm is $49. I didn’t realize they were still on sale.


Where at?

(20 char…)

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Where are these on sale at?

Home Depot. Just picked them up tonight.

damn, must be a local deal. Still full price in my area according to their website.

You may be right. I went in today to buy a wink hub and they had two each of the kits.

@drake0508 Could you please tell me in which area you bought it ? Zip code ?

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  1. They are listed as online only though. You may have to go in and look

V1 Minomotes @ $20 again Amazon Prime