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Hue Bloom starter kit on sale at Best Buy for $99

Normally 180 for the kit. Comes with 2 lights and a hue hub.


I really have no use for these, but I still feel that I want to buy them haha.


I like them for notification lights. Stick 'em in an out of the way spot so they accent something on the wall in various colors or behind a TV to get a halo effect around it.

For those of you who are okay with the Monoprice branded products, I was emailed a coupon code today for $20 off a $100 order. The code is 1STDOWN and here are the details:

Applies only to Monoprice branded products, excluding select products and gift cards. Cannot be combined with other coupon codes, offers or preferred pricing.
Start Date:
End Date:
$ 20.00 off of your order except excluded products.
Minimum Order Amt:
Customer Use Limit:
5 per customer

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If only they ever had anything in stock…

Door/window sensors are in stock. Not on sale though -just under 25 each.

Unfortunately none of the motion/temps that we all like.

But if anyone is looking for a cheap lock for a detached garage, just add in a sensor or 2 and you’re set for savings.

I bought these awhile back and Love them. I have them pointed toward the wall behind the TV with an amber color. Gives a nice theater look at night. They even had high WAF which says a lot. :smile:

Aeon Labs Z-Wave minimote - $16.50 with promo code ALM7. (Deal pilfered from SD).



Just bought one! Thanks

Just grabbed 2 more, thanks as well!

Anyone know if this is the new hub? I don’t see any reference to it being the new hub on best buy.

Pictures show the original puck.

Thanks. I’ll pass then.

Thanks for pointing this out. I ordered a case of 12 and when I picked them up they discounted them even more, 12 for $60! (The rebate has no limit.) To top this off, I had referred myself through Ebates and received a $25 referral. So $63.30 -$36 for the rebate -$25 for the Ebates referral = $2.30
I owe you a beer!

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Ok, I can’t put one and one together right now… What did you get?

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I have good success with ikea bulbs . No buzzing like all others I have tried . They don’t get very dim but they are bright and are dimmable without issue .

Ooh I might be interested in that!! Is it this one? Controller

No idea if this is a good deal but Monoprice has the Z-Wave Garage Door Sensor for $21.99…

Is it sill to get these…hold off the actual garage opener is the way to go right? That way you can not only see if the garage door is open but also close it from the couch?

I have the Chamberlain MyQ and it works good with smarthings. I am still getting a tilt sensor for it just to be safe

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