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Just had a fun conversation with Lowe’s Corporate. My order for the 40% off from CES was in Unknown status after it finally went through after two days of trying. The gentleman said they never offer 40% off coupons only 10% and got somewhat aggressive about saying any code like that will be denied on the website and orders won’t process as they are invalid.

The funny part, I was in Loveland CO this weekend and went into a Lowe’s and gave them the coupon code with one of each kit, and after the lady was stunned it went through, purchased without hassle.

Seems Lowe’s doesn’t even know what’s going on.

Just got back from Home Depot. Nestcam’s, Ring Doorbell and Canary’s were all on clearance for $99 each.

I had a similar WTF experience with Lowes yesterday. I purchased an Iris Garage Door controller for $55 (Price match) from a Lowes 10 minutes from me. I then went to my local Lowes to exchange it. I produced the receipt and said I wanted to buy two more. The lady then said she dosn’t price match other Lowes. When I asked her to clarify, since three other Lowes confirmed they will price match within region, she wouldn’t budge. Was frsutrating, since three days before I was able to get a Lowes to price match another Lowes.

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I need to find your HD, nothing on sale/clearance around here. Well I take that back. I ordered the store’s entire stock of the old Hue Lux bulb “on sale” for $14 and when the daughter got home from picking up the order they had given her the new Hue white not the old Hue Lux that are on clearance.

Which area are you at? Nothing like that around Chicagoland.

My local Home Depot has Philips LED recessed trim for $10. They are dimable and work great. Easy install. They go for 17.94 at Amazon.

St. Louis, MO (20 characters)

Nice, thank you!! My cousin lives in St. Louis. I’ll send him to find me a $99 Ring.

Have him go to the one in Florissant, MO. They had 2 left when I was there earlier.

[quote=“drake0508, post:140, topic:34950”]
Bought two more GoControl kits today [at HD] for $24 with the two open/close sensors and the motion
[/quote]I can’t find this kit on their website… could you tell me the model number or sku?

Update: I suspect it’s this: http://www.nortekcontrol.com/gocontrol-detail.php?productId=1775

Update; here it is; I couldn’t find it because they don’t have GoControl in the item name :confounded: http://www.homedepot.com/p/2GIG-Essentials-DIY-Home-Security-Kit-Z-Wave-and-Wink-Enabled-WNK01-21KIT/205785795

Sadly, showing $49.97 at both my store and Florissant, MO.

I saw it on SD, and decided to post here.
I haven’t checked recent pricing (CCC) or anything like that, but this might be a deal for $22 for the Monoprice motion detector…


That’s a good deal on these. Mainly due to the fact these things go in and out of stock all the time so it is hard to get them.

OK, good. Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile:

I have not tried to change that. I don’t use these in high traffic areas for motion. I have one in the hallway that is currently just used for temp and one in the laundry room.
My high use ones are Ecolink and ST.

Not for sure where the one minute reference is, but I can tell you that I have 4 of these Monoprice motion sensors, and they all respond within seconds of motion. I use the custom device type floating around the forums for them.

The only thing I’ve noticed with them is that there’s some debate on whether or not the custom device type is reporting the real battery level, or if it’s stuck at 100% All of mine still show 100% since installing them in November, so I’m inclined to believe that may be true.

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These only report battery level at specific intervals. There is an post around here somewhere which I couldn’t find that outlines it in detail. Basically they only report at 100%, 75%, 50% etc. Don’t quote me on this. What I outlined was an example but not the actual reporting levels. You won’t get a report until the battery drops to that level. If you want the details query the forum the info is in here somewhere.

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Lowes WiFi connected bulbs

Lowes has the Lightify bulbs on sale right now for 14.99. These are not tunible but fixed at 2700K. I’ve got probably a dozen of them and they work well with SmartThings.


@sgnihttrams - sure, here you go:


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I remember seeing that too, but I searched around to see if anyone had confirmed seeing a level < 100% and couldn’t find a single report. Frankly, not something I’m all that worried about. If it quits working, I’ll replace the battery :smile:

Not to be confused with the Zigbe Lightify bulbs Correct? The wifi ones don’t connect to ST Right?