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Building a new house and picked up 15 and 5 motion sensors.

I had to buy 6 to get free shipping.

thanks for this! was needing some sensors as we get ready to dump time warner and their non compatible stuff. Got 8 of them lol!

I got 5 as well with the renovo coupon for a total of $53. Definitely can’t beat that!

On another note, if anyone finds the First Alert Battery-Operated Carbon Monoxide Detector and Smoke Detector - ZCOMBO on a good deal, let me know please. Need to replace all my detectors in the house and want to use those.


Just bought 8!

alright now yall cut it out before they get suspicious and cancel all of our orders :joy:

so apparently we had to order from the Chelsea store and my order says its shipping from Aliso Viejo, CA haha nice

I got 8 sensors at that deal from lowes 10001, plus the $10 off $50 gave me free shipping. Motion sensors would be great if $10 a piece!! lol

I had the same thought. There is a very small part of me that was thinking “maybe I should have waited for mine to ship before posting that”, but hopefully it will work for all of us. Either it works for all of us or none of us.

What is that code?



Make sure that the $10 off $50 is better for you when calculating shipping costs. I used the 10%off because it was cheaper when I factored in shipping costs.

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I got the Home Hub for 59 dollars refurbished. I already had an 880 and a Harmony 900, so didnt want another remote. I prefer the mobile app for the rare times I need to control anything, most of the time, I just need to switch inputs.

I actually asked them for a quote and they told me that I needed to order 10 or more for a discount and the if i ordered 10 I would get 10% off.

So, I showed my local store the price on line and they matched it. Now I have a receipt that they have to match cause it’s from their store!

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Once I get my “receipt” from my online order, Ill do the same with my local store. See if they match.

Worked for me ordered 10 and a motion sensor. Don’t think this will help with WFA!

How do I cancel the order? I ordered 6 but frankly I cant think of any use for these sensors.