Power Pro Cable Fuse Blowing

I have a ring Video doorbell pro, installed directly to a 24V 1a transformer with a power pro cable.

We have had the power trip in the house a couple of times lately due to another appliance. Every time the power is restored it blows the fuse in the power pro cable.

It also happen last week with a power cut to the road and when the power came back on the fuse blew.

The problem is I am often away so the door bell then does not work for days until I get home and change the fuse.

Do I actually need the fuse, can I use a bigger one? Does anyone have any suggestions

What size fuse is in the cable? Is it a ‘time delay’ or quick fuse? What is the load current?

It could be on account of the inductive load of the transformer or, perhaps, the fuse isn’t sized appropriately for the load.

I have come across a few doorbell transformers that were old and there was leaking voltage between the coils. This causes blown fuses. Rare indeed, but happens.

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  1. replace the transformer with a newer power adapter https://www.amazon.com/Adapter-Doorbell-Supply-Battery-Charger/dp/B077XTJBXV/ref=sr_1_9?s=lamps-light&ie=UTF8&qid=1530910613&sr=1-9&keywords=doorbell+transformer

  2. maybe plug the transformer into a UPS https://www.amazon.com/APC-Back-UPS-Connect-BGE90M-Charging/dp/B00NTQYUA8/ref=sr_1_7?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1530910789&sr=1-7&keywords=ups

  3. You don’t need the fuse but since the surge is pretty high and to protect your doorbell. why not just replace the Transformer. or do both.

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Thanks guys. It is actually only 3 months old. The transformer is perfectly matched for the door bell, I bought it just for that purpose.

The fuse is the standard one supplied by Ring.
1A F1A F1AL 250v Quick Blow 20mm x 5mm Glass Fuse.

The problem does not seem to happen if I turn the plug off, nor does it blow after replacing the fuse and turning the power on again the socket. It seems to be only when the whole ring main is de-powered and repowered.

I will buy a new transformer and try see if that solves it

The question is should I get a slightly lower amp rated transformer. The one I have is perfect according to ring. 24vac at 1amp but is that just a touch too much for the fuse to handle. The transformer Ray suggests above is actually 18v ac and 500mA. Does anyone actually have that installed and of so what mV reading do you get from the health section of the ring app - it needs to be greater than 3900mV. I am currently getting 4096mv