Power on/off Arlo Wire Free cameras


Since a few days, all my automations that power on/off my cameras stop working. Now they are only able to record. What’s happening?


Hi -
I have exactly the same problem (though even the record option does not work).
Have you had any success in fixing this?

I have tried to remove all cameras from ST, removed the Arlo account from ST and also deleted the cameras from Arlo …and then re-connected - all with no success…

Hi Iain,

I have today the first answer to this issue from SmartThings support. They had made me some questions, I answered and expect for their answers.

I’ll keep you posted about this. I think this is a bug introduced on the last update of the app. Let’s wait and see:)


José - really appreciate the update … good luck with making progress.

If you could keep me posted I would appreciate it.

Has there been any further update on this issue? Automations are still not able to control the power control for Arlo cameras as this point.

Having said that, I can perform the automatic power control from within the Smart Lighting app… Go figure.

I can easily turn on and off my Arlo Pro2 cameras using automations. I do this as part of the automations that set the security modes.

ST must be seeing the different models distinctly, and disabling the power switches based on the models?


Has there been any further comment/notice on the power control from within Automations for all models of the Arlo cameras? It IS available in the Smart Lighting App as noted previously.

that’s true that Smart Lightning SmartApp, can power on or off the Arlo Cameras, but, as far as I investigate it doesn’t have trigger based SHM status, correct? Automations used to have that and it was discontinued.
I solve this far long ago, using Alexa to activate SHM on or off including the Arlo Cameras. As we use to say here in Portugal “when you don’t have a dog you hunt with a cat”:slight_smile:
I hope this helps to people that have Alexa already.