Power on/off Arlo Wire Free cameras


Since a few days, all my automations that power on/off my cameras stop working. Now they are only able to record. What’s happening?


Hi -
I have exactly the same problem (though even the record option does not work).
Have you had any success in fixing this?

I have tried to remove all cameras from ST, removed the Arlo account from ST and also deleted the cameras from Arlo …and then re-connected - all with no success…

Hi Iain,

I have today the first answer to this issue from SmartThings support. They had made me some questions, I answered and expect for their answers.

I’ll keep you posted about this. I think this is a bug introduced on the last update of the app. Let’s wait and see:)


José - really appreciate the update … good luck with making progress.

If you could keep me posted I would appreciate it.