Cannot turn on/off Arlo cameras with automations

I have Arlo integrated with the newer Smartthings app and can control each camera fully under devices. However, using an action in automations will only allow me to record, not turn the cameras on/off. I’ve always used this functionality for all my cameras so its a big loss. I’ve removed the Arlo integration and added it several times. Once, I saw the right dialog box but clicked away and now its gone again. Any help is appreciated.

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I have the exact same issue, and it drives me crazy.

I have two original Arlo cameras, that now behaves like you describe. I can no longer turn them on or off. I can only choose to have them ‘record’ in an automation (which is useless in my case, as I use automations to turn them on/off as part of toggling the SHM on/off).

Now, I have an Arlo Pro as well. That camera works just fine, and I have all options available in automations for that version of the camera.

So the issue seems to be related to the original (old) Arlo cameras.

I too hope that there will be a fix soon.

Thank you, at least you narrowed it down. You are correct, the issue only happens on the older ARLO cameras, I have 2 of those, 3 ARLO pros that work fine. I know its a bug because it used to work, anybody help?

In the same boat.

Same here.

Same here, used to work but now record only :frowning:

I am going to assume Arlo forced the removal of this because they want you to buy their newer camera’s. Their battery life is shit, compared to other cameras. (Blink and Eufy have anywhere from 6-12 months of battery life ) Plus, you open their app and your blasted with an ad? This is an obvious money grab attempt.