On/Off Function for Arlo camera no longer availabe

I have an arlo camera that has lost the ability to automate On or Off when something else occurs (in my case when a light goes on or off, I want certain cameras to go on/off.

I am using Samsung Smartthings App.

It’s only the VMC3030. the other 5 cameras are arlo pro and still have the option. Only option I have on this one camera is to record.

Anyone experience this? Know how to fix it?

I called arlo and the only thing they could see is this one problem camera has a newer update than the other 6. Perhaps the new update forgot this camera version? needs an adjustment? maybe has nothing to do with it?

I checked with the Arlo community and they suggested I try the Samsung Smartthings community.

Thanks in advance

Model: VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera

It has been noted, but nothing has been done about it.

You can control the power via the Smart Lighting app, however.

See here… Power on/off Arlo Wire Free cameras

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Appreciate the feedback. It’s a shame there are multiple people having this issue, and nothing is being done. Seems like a small fix.

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Finally got an official reply from Smarthings…

We do apologized for the delayed response and would like to inform you that we were able to look into this issue. Unfortunately, Arlo has chose not to support the on/off feature for the VMC3030 cameras in their updated integration on the SmartThings platform. Please reach out to Arlo for support for any additional information and feedback. We apologize for any inconvenience this issue has caused.

Seems like an arbitrary answer to a simple fix…

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I completely agree with you. While it’s “at least good to know why this is happening” I don’t understand why they would exclude this feature from a security camera. Kind of the point of having a camera.
Appreciate your updates, and diligence getting to the bottom of it.

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The last year has shown more and more security cameras requiring two factor authorization in order to be turned on and limiting the functionality available to third-party integrations. This is in response to the number of press stories about camera systems being hacked. It’s definitely less convenient for power users, but they seem to be doing it in order to protect the less experienced users from inadvertently exposing their cameras. :thinking:

You can still start recording on a specific camera through their Ifttt channel which would give you some indirect integration with smartthings for this functionality if that’s of any use to you. And no guarantee that they won’t change that one in the future as well.