Post Requests for Zwave Edge Drivers Here (community-created)

Based on what? All Edge drivers are run locally. The are other factor that could make automation cloud based. What kind of automation you have? Could you give an example?

The command classes of your device match the generic fingerprint in the driver, so it might still work for you.

I tried it yesterday to see if the generic would accept it and it didn’t. I was hoping to get that, but may have to give it another try in a couple days, but was hoping for a Ultraloq driver, since the brand is displayed proudly on their website.


How about a new SmartThings Hub Edge driver that exposes the v2 Hub’s built-in batteries. I would like the SmartThings Hub v2 Edge driver to show the battery level, and have a condition that I could use as a Routine trigger when the SmartThings v2 Hub is On or Off battery power. That way I could have a native local running Routine so that when the SmartThings v2 Hub transitions Off of battery power to turn Off all the my Smartbulbs.

Was there not an issue with Battery useage, i seem to remember everyone taking out there batteries because they would leak and screw up the hub

I don’t use batteries in my V2 hub for that reason, the only set I put in it leaked, and anyway I now have moved my hub from my media panel into my attic for a more central location.

Good morning everybody. Is there an edge driver for the Go Control Z wave garage door opener? Also branded has Nortek. GD00Z-4. This is also the same one that Lowe’s was selling as part of their iris line before it was discontinued.

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I’ll defer to those who use the product, but according to its certification the GD00Z-4 has the product type 0x4744 and product ID 0x3530 and that is fingerprinted in the stock Z-Wave Garage Door Opener driver. It is currently in open beta.

Just to make the post more useful, the -2 has the ID 0x3032 and -6, -7 and -8 have the ID 0x3531. Neither ID is specifically fingerprinted in the driver.


FAQ on the different suffixes. The 6, 7, and 8 have S2 security, earlier ones do not.

FAQ: Question about GoControl--Is it the same as Linear?

It looks like the one that I have should work with a stock edge driver. Thanks guys.

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I would like to understand if anyone is working or planning to do it, on drive edge for Govee led strips
This device: Govee Immersion - RGBIC LED TV Backlights – EU-GOVEE
it is not integrated in ST, but can be integrated with this method: Govee and SmartThings Working Together | Automate Your Life
But once Groovy is shut down? This is why I was trying to understand if we can hope for a future with EDGE

Not loving new the drivers

This is a thread for driver requests…youll get no support by posting issues here…try posting in this thread.

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I’d like to request an Edge driver for Swidget z-wave power control modules.

I was wondering if there is a driver for the GE Portable Smart Motion Sensor 34193?


@philh30 might know…

It’s in the stock zwave-sensor driver, and is in the production branch now so you should end up automatically on the driver with a fresh include. It doesn’t have the config parameters though.

- id: 0063/4953/3133
    deviceLabel: GE Motion Sensor
    manufacturerId: 0x0063
    productType: 0x4953
    productId: 0x3133
    deviceProfileName: motion-battery-tamper
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is there a different driver that will let me configure the device?

Has someone been working on the edge driver for Heatit Z-TMR3 thermostat maybe?
If not, could someone make one? :slight_smile:



Edge Developer needed:
MCOHome MH-S314 and MH-S312 (Z-Wave)
If possible, can it be in 1 device, rather than 1 per button?

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