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I know Ecobee has an official C2C integration but it has limited capabilities. I’m wondering if something closer to the Universal Ecobee Suite Smartapp could be achieved using the Ecobee API and Edge?

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Universal Ecobee Suite

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Excuse me, I had not seen this topic, and I had created a topic for my particular request:

No problem, this topic is just to help keep the requests organized and avoid too many duplicate topics. but if you get a response in your own topic, that’s good, too. :sunglasses:

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Considering that Netatmo’s native thermostat integration is poor and updates the gni 6 hours, maybe some developer l thinking to create an edge drive? Am I asking for something too complicated to do? I think there would be many interested

Hello, would anyone be interested in creating a driver for LAN control of Yeelight’s bulb and screenbar lamps?

I have one of the hot/cold white bulb model YLDP01YL

And a YLTD003 screen bar

Currently, as far as I know, there is no driver for LAN control on these models.

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I actually have 2 requests…

The fIrst, and foremost, is a Fully-Kiosk Browser edge driver. Here is the DTH that I am currently using:

I have previously asked the developer if they were going to implement a driver.

The second is for a z-wave leak detector with this info from the IDE:

zw:S type:0701 mfr:0258 prod:0003 model:0085 ver:2.54 zwv:4.05 lib:06 cc:5E,86,72,5A,73,80,71,30,85,59,84,70

It is similar to this DOME leak sensor DTH, based on this post:

[OBSOLETE] Dome Leak Sensor (Official)

Somehow, despite being paired, STHM always seems to have difficulties with the current implementation.


Would be great if this DH dan be converted tot Edge:

reading out my Solarpanels so I can start device like dishwasher and washing machine when enough power is available


Edge drivers are intended for hub connected devices. That handler is accessing a cloud based API. So yes if you want to to be treated as a device it will need a new integration, but Edge isn’t really the tool for the job.

You are right. But what if Groovy isn’t supported anymore?

There is a separate Rules API and schema connector for cloud devices. It is also new, just not Edge. Edge is the new architecture for onboard devices.

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I’m not saying the device might not need a ‘new’ integration (I don’t know if anyone has already been working on one), but there are different types and Edge is pretty much the last piece in the jigsaw and is pitched very much at devices that communicate directly with the hub. For example, the ‘schema’ integration, widely used for cloud to cloud integrations, has been live for over three years now.

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Has anyone made an edge driver for awair?

This may be of good news to you. Late last month, Govee confirmed late last month that their roadmap does indeed include an official Smartthings integration stated as coming very soon. Awesome news because if we had lost this integration either Smartthings or Govee would be leaving my home and with the amount of Govee lighting I have it would almost certainly have been Smartthings leaving in favor of Hubitat.


Request to add an Edge LAN driver for Gen 2 AirScape whole house fans. The API is documented here: Gen 2 Controls API – AirScape Engineer's Blog

I’d like a edge driver for my netatmo weather station with indoor and outdoor modules. Currently its working with a smartapp.


All this takes is some simple HTTP requests to be sent, which you can do using my Web Requestor Edge driver.

DM me if you need more assistance.


Request for wifi enabled Levoit Air purifier control via API

Device funtions
Fan speed
Auto 1,2,3,4, sleep
Indoor PM2.5 live report
On off
Display on off
Auto settings, default, quite, efficient inc variable speed
Graph for indoor PM2.5
Graph for matching fan speed


Roborock s5 and gardena robomower smart sileno.

hi i know this is for edge drivers but how about an edge app posibly cast-web