Yamaha AVR Integration Using Edge?

Posting on the chance someone more skilled than I could take on creating an Edge integration with Yamaha receivers.

There is an existing community integration that no longer works for new setups. It still works for now if you already had it implemented but you can no longer add additional receivers and of course, it’s going to die totally at some point being Groovy based.

A nice, feature rich Yamaha ST integration would be great in my mind. But most importantly, on/off, scene select, zone select, and volume would be very helpful. They are pretty popular AVRs and I’m surprised Yamaha have not embraced ST integration to be honest.

Here’s the existing integration: [RELEASE] Yamaha Network Receiver Basic Integration

I would also like to see this .

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Any news, I am also interested now when the old version will stop working…

No news on an Edge driver that I’ve seen.

You could try the HTTP request driver by @TAustin as an interim solution.

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I’ve actually started looking at exactly that. Not put too much time in to it just yet but I intend to keep looking at it.



Any news, I am missing the reciever :slight_smile: ?