Post flagged as spam

I created a post in the devices forum yesterday and it was marked as spam and hidden:

" Hello,

Our automated spam filter, Akismet , has temporarily hidden your post in Pool pump integration? for review.

A staff member will review your post soon, and it should appear shortly.

We apologize for the inconvenience."

I am just trying to figure out why.

I remember reading that post, at least the version I saw definitely wasn’t spam. :thinking:

I didn’t respond to it because you said you didn’t have a neutral in the box and I just wasn’t sure what would work in that situation. You probably have to put a relay further up the line, and then controlling the speed would be very tricky. So I was hoping other people would have better ideas.

Did you add any links? That’s usually what triggers the automatic spam filter.


Thanks. No, I hadn’t changed anything. I posted it then a few hours later saw that message that it was flagged as spam and hidden. Still hidden as of now.

Looks like it is no longer hidden but has been moved to the wiki/projects section. Not sure I’ll get help there.

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I’m the one who moved it to the projects section, and you will get more help there. :sunglasses: It’s not really a Devices question because it’s not about a single device, there’s a lot more details to your project. So you can get individualized responses in the project section rather than just basically generic device specs and the devices that match them.

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