Spammers Take Over

Looks like spam has taken over this forum. I am running into a similar issue at my company with Korean Spam. They post in pubic forums to improve SEO results. Sounds like SmartThings needs to revisit their registration process and perhaps approve new people manually.


There are too many of them. Flagged a few… But is happening every morning.


Yes, they do it when the US Sleeps on purpose. Same thing where I work.


I think that’s it. All flagged. I think some amount of screening should be done to become a member.


UGH! I just wanted to thank you guys for vigilantly flagging for all that spam. You all are my heroes. It seems to be a daily occurrence now, with 50 queues a night by the time I wake up. I’ll be looking into a way to add something in addition to the login we have today.

Thanks for all your help, everyone!

This is why we can’t have nice things. :frowning:

Spent several minutes flagging the spammers. @april @ben. Can’t something be done about this?

Yeah, we’re looking at some settings changes. Really seems to have picked up.

Is akismet missing lots of stuff somehow? I can see it caught 247 till now

Lots of Korean text lately.

We will help get this sorted, I alerted @codinghorror and @eviltrout of the situation here.

Note, we can enable the pre-moderation queue if you feel it is needed then the first N posts by a new user will have to be approved by mods.

Anyone translate, maybe its Samsung corporate trying to participate? :wink:

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I really wonder what those texts say? The next time will run one of these by a Korean friend… :slight_smile:

It looks like Akismet is indeed catching a lot of it. I think your best bet might be to do what Sam suggested and enable approval for the first 2 posts or so of a new user. You’ll have to approve their first two posts and that should be sufficient to discover if they are spammers or not.


Generally it’s for a casino… Per google translate. Haha

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Does Samsung own the casino? Maybe its just unannounced cross platform marketing? I’d check with corporate :smile:

This is the main reason we switched to Discourse. To NOT do this. :frowning:

If you train Akismet a few times it should never let it happen again. We can’t 100% stop spam though, just like GMail can’t.

Additionally, you could enable the “review the first few posts” feature when under attack from a spam attack like this, then turn it off a few days later.

Akismet is learning and picking up a bit of the Korean spam already, as it didn’t before. :slight_smile: I suppose after a few more spam attacks, and Akismet will make life easier.

Thanks for looking into it for us!

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How is it looking now?

The korean spam is being picked up, but a few of the new members’ messages has been picked up by askimet too. Overall, an improvement than before.