First post hidden

A few moments after making my first post (an Edge driver I had been developing for the past few weeks) I receive an email saying the post had been automatically hidden for review by a staff member. This is understandable… new user, first post containing links, etc.

This was around 20 hours ago however, and I’ve not heard anything since. I was wondering how long these reviews normally take?

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tagging @nayelyz


Thanks for tagging me, @jkp!

@AgainTalent I already approved your post, welcome and thank you for your contribution to the SmartThings Community!


That was nothing to do with you, it was completely my error. (And many thanks to @nayelyz for fixing it!)

Long story short, I was trying to add the tags so the post would show up on the quick browse lists in the community-created wiki and more people would see it. But I was really tired and I just fatfingered it.

My profound apologies, it’s not what usually happens in this forum.


Wow, that was fast! Many thanks everyone!