Post split, flagged, then deleted?

Wasn’t sure where to post this so picked Meta as didn’t really seem to fit anywhere else. In the “The End of Groovy Has Arrived” thread I posted a question about preconditions. I assume to keep that thread less muddled someone split the topic and moved my question into [Routines] How do preconditions work? where we and a few others had some back and forth clarifying it. Then a few days later I found my original question was flagged by the community and filtered. Since it was really innocuous I figured it was an accident so just let it go and it would take care of itself, but now that I was trying to go back and refer to the discussion for some clarification, I find the whole post and resulting thread is gone. What’s going on? Is this some sort of moderation or a forum goof? If there is another place to ask this please let me know. Since the post and entire thread are now gone I can’t link to it, but you can see the original split just above this post below. Note the post I am linking below has nothing to do with my original question or the resulting forum shenanigans but its the only way I seem to be able to link anything even close to the original post.

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This would be the right place to ask, but I don’t know anything about it.,it would have had to be an admin who split and moved the posts. You can tell from the forum tag that it was @nayelyz who split it. Not sure who deleted it, though. :thinking:

Thanks for the tag, @JDRoberts!
Yeah, I split the post because the topic needed further discussion, and the main one of “The End of Groovy” wasn’t the right place.
However, I’m not sure either who deleted it. It seems I was able to restore it. Can you check, please?


Yes, looks like it is back in its own thread. Thanks!