Possible to use power usage (wattage) as a IF in smartthings? (if device x uses >500w then x)

There are enough smart power plugs/outlets that have a wattage use meter, but i can’t find them where i can get current wattage usage and use it to make a command. For example if power usage exceeds 500w, then turn on device x.

Could this be made? Unfortunately not a coder myself…

EDIT: I wouldn’t mind purchasing a device where this works…But feel it has to be custom code to allow this. Then i’d buy the device where this custom code exists.

Routines can do it pretty easy.


I have a meross plug that does not allow this. What device is that? I would prefer zigbee.

This is a Peanut Plug, which most people are not fans of. They’ve always been fine for me.

What model Meross? What capabilities does your device show either in the app (detail view) or from the CLI?

This one: https://meross.com/Detail/6/Smart%2520Wi-Fi%2520Plug%2520with%2520Energy%2520Monitor
In the app of meross, i just see the option to turn it on/off, or the led on/off and of course a energy monitor.
In smartthings, i can just turn it on/off and as a IF i can do “if on/off/on and off”.

EDIT: Your peanut plug is unfortunately for the US, not for Europe.

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Yeah the Meross cloud integration doesn’t expose any of the monitoring. There are both zwave and zigbee plugs that offer monitoring. Or other WiFi plugs that can run locally and may expose power (TP-Link perhaps).

Do you have any tips?

Sorry, not off hand. Search the forums may turn up some results:

Check this thread on the Hubitat forum:


Looks like it would work on my Samsung smartplug v3 (UK)

If you need 2 pin, not sure if they sell a 2 pin version - but you could use an adaptor

Samsung GP-WOU019BBDWG SmartThings Smart Plug 2019, Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, White, 1 Pack https://amzn.eu/d/7Ti6jDO

I haven’t tested it though

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@csstup , do you have a driver for the Peanut plug? I have been looking for one.

thanks a lot. its also purchasable in germany. However i would then require 2 adapters…one going to UK, then from the adapter to normal again. If nothing else works i will buy it though, thanks again :slight_smile:

Yep! It’s almost done my testing. I’ll post a release notice when it’s ready for public beta.


cool update. I still have a peanut plug that I stopped using years ago, because ST did not report power capability. Great name, easy to remember, and crippled!

The power reporting issue was not due to ST, but to the device itself. You have to update the Peanut’s firmware using an Almond hub/router. Once that’s done the power reporting works fine.

ah thx. I won’t be updating without the hub - maybe I heard this before…

I didn’t think about the double adapter :grinning:

I’m intrigued, what is your use case?

It sounds like OP is in Germany and you linked a UK plug :wink:

I believe @Mariano_Colmenarejo is in Europe and has written many Zigbee drivers, so he probably knows a good Zigbee socket with power reporting available in Germany

Note that it’s not just power reporting. using it as a IF for a routine is what i’m after :smiley:
I bought two z-wave plugs today, they arrive tommorow. It’s on amazon so if they don’t work as intended i can ship them back. if they work i keep the better one :slight_smile:

This is a given as long as power reporting appears in SmartThings