How to get Power Usage Alerts with Smart Plugs (which brands work?)

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I am new to SmartThings and am still a bit confused by it. I just bought GHome smart plugs that work with their own app. By connecting the separate account to the SmartThings app it migrated many of the information, so I can turn them off and on in the smart things app. However, it does not recognize them as a plug, just as a switch or something. Is there a way to change this? Also, is there a way to monitor energy usage in the SmartThings app directly and get alerts when a device turns off/on etc.?
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I am assuming you are using the SmartLife or Tuya apps with your ghome plugs.

Actually you are lucky that they showed up in Smartthings. Many SmartLife devices don’t show up in Smartthings and require a work around.

It is common for energy monitoring to not show up in Smartthings when using a 3rd party integration like you are. There is nothing you can do about it.

As far as the device being a plug vs a switch there is only one place where you can make some limited icon changes.

Open the device tile in Smartthings and click on 3 dots in upper right corner. Pick Edit, and click on the icon button in upper right corner. It will let you change a switch to various lights and a fan.


Thank you very much for your helpful reply! The app is called Gosund, but I guess that does not matter then.
So I need to buy another plug then that is directly compatible with SmartThings like f.e. Meross? Is there a way to make sure that the monitoring will work within SmartThings before buying a plug?

Gosund is another product that uses the Tuya backend.

Do you have a SmartThings (ST) hub or are you just using the app? That will make a big difference in what you’re choices are.

If you have a ST hub energy monitoring Z-Wave or ZigBee plugs would be your best bet.

Without a hub you are currently stuck using WiFi devices with 3rd party integrations. Most of them don’t carry energy monitoring into ST.

I don’t know if Meross energy monitoring plugs would bring energy monitoring into ST. Someone else might.

FYI, Kasa energy monitoring plugs don’t carry energy monitoring into ST unless you have a hub and use an Edge Driver.


That is very helpful, thank you! I am only using the app so far, so I guess I need to look even more carefully which ones are compatible.

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You can also do this with the Shelly smart plug plus. Available in many countries. This is a Wi-Fi plug and the power monitoring is present in the official cloud to cloud integration. You do not need to have a smartthings/Aeotec hub to use it in a smartthings routine.

See the following discussion:

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