Meross wifi smart plug with energy monitor


Do you know if the meross wifi smart plug is compatible with smartthings, and if it will show info about the energy monitor , for make rules and smart actions?

I´m looking for smart plugs with energy monitor, but the zigbee and z-wave ones are much more expensive than the wifi ones.


The meross wifi switch connects through the meross integration in the new app. But I believe I saw someone post that it only offers the on/off switch with no energy monitoring capability.


Thanks a lot! I will look for another switch

Yes, they’re using a special integration. We’re working with them to get additional features into the new app.


Hi, I’m struggling to find out how to view the energy monitor of the plug. I can’t see it in the meross app at all? I thought maybe I needed to instal smart things so I did that by still can’t see the power monitoring! Really frustrating as nothing on the internet about it. Thanks