Meross MSS310 with Energy Monitor

Hi, i have purchased a Meross MSS310 with energy monitor and have integrated it in to Smartthings but i can’t see anyway to see the power usage, i can see it in the Meross app and i can power the plug on and off in the Smartthings app but no power, can anybody help.

You will need to contact Meross since this is a cloud integration and only they can control what shows up.

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Thanks for letting me know…

Some news about integration of energy monitor?

You would need to contact Meross and inquire on device support with ST. They own and manage the cloud-to-cloud integration to ST

Thank you ! I did !

Response of Meross support : “the energy consumption can only be displayed on the meross app, the SmartThings can only turn on and turn off the device”

This is a pity, being able to minitor energy consumption would be super useful

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