SmartPower Outlet to meter enegy usage

I have done some searching but i haven’t quite seen how this is done.
During the initial Kickstarter, i had some contact with the smartthing team to confirm this was possible, and even about a month ago i sent in an email and again confirmed it was possible, but im not quite sure how to do it or if the smart app is being worked on from a development side.

I really had the hopes that i could use the SmartPower Outlet, as a SmartThings connected Kill-a-watt type device so i could use it to monitor energy usage of connected devices.

I remember reading there was an energy.meter function, but im not a very experienced developer and i cant currently find that reference doc.

I just wanted to check in to see if this is something that might be getting worked on or if anyone has feedback on how it might be done.
Forgive my ignorance on the topic, i have read as much as i can but decided it might be best to post here.

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@robw - It’s something that we’re actively working on. When the server-side update happens that enabled this functionality, we’ll make an announcement in our developer update email.

ok so its not technically possible now due to server side limitation?
i reviewed the labels and guts of the smartoutlet, looked it up, and seeing that its an off the shelf smart energy metering zigbee outlet i see its physically capable.

That said, im guessing there is no amount of app writing now that will enable this, we just wait for the server side update?
Will this this be added as a SmartThing published app? or will it be up to the community to handle this functionality?

bump - I would assume this should be a SmartThings related functionality/support since this is one of the native devices supported from day 1. Any indication from the Sthings team?

BUMP BUMP Any word on this ability or do we give up since ST has started using different power switches?

Last I heard from @urman, they are still working on this. Sounds like the new switches will also support this.

thanks for the info… i ended up with 3 or 4 of these plugs and they have been collecting dust… i sure hope this gets sorted out soon.

Be careful with those old zigbee outlets. The one I had caused me months of grief with my presence sensors and I didn’t evne know it until it ended up dying on its own and they started working reliably.

yea, i have had them act real flacky as a relay for presence sensors too… in fact that is the only thing they have been (mostly) for in my case. i keep them plugged in on the outside walls of the house to pick up presence sensors in the cars.

That’s what I used mine for. And it seemed to work, but sometimes they just stopped repeating, but would still dominate the link with the presence tag, therefore my tags wouldn’t come online for several minutes, or would sometimes check out randomly.

I’m mostly finished up with it. Needs to go through our QA testing first.

Are there any Update on this?

@bgoodman yeah we’re waiting on firmware updates to go our to everyones hub to support it. I believe it was just started and could take up to a week to get every hub updated. Then QA will re-test it.

Any updates on the metering capability of the original smart outlet (smartenit)?

I havent seen any change, in fact it seems that SmartThings isnt even using this outlet anymore as their primary outlet. Its just there from the initial offering to do whatever it could, and nothing more.

Its a shame, my smartthings system sits mostly unused, i have some door contact notifications for novelty mostly, but oh well, such is life i suppose.

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IF anyone still interested
Continuing the discussion from Iris Smart Plug (3210-L) Zigbee Plug with Z-wave Repeater:

Thanks, but im curious. This thread was about getting energy metering out of the original (smartinit) SmartThings Outlet. The original has the energy metering capability but it was never supported.
The thread you linked to is rather long and i haven’t read it all, but does it describe a way to get energy metering out of the original outlet?

2 years later?

Smartenit plug-in - I’ve never seen one of those. You could probably modify your own device type to get KW or KWH.

The Aeon Switch plug-in has KW and KWH support working and it’s $30. No need to follow this thread for 2 years.

New Aeon Labs DSC06106-ZWUS - Z-Wave Smart Energy Switch