Possible retail locations

This is more of a suggestion. Since Samsung already has a Samsung Experience in every Best Buy, why not offer all the SmartThings switches, motion sensors etc… at those locations. Sometimes when you are working on a home automation project, you want to simply go and get what you need and continue to work. Stopping to place an online order doesn’t work when you all of a sudden “think of something else” that you can do.

I noticed Best Buy has a “Connected Home” section now that includes Hue, peq, Nest, and several others; but no SmartThings.

There are many retailers that offer zwave and zigbee devices. Lowes, Home Depot, Best Buy, Staples in my area. But I generally prefer ordering online as the prices and options are better.

@mattjfrank I do to, but generally the GE switches are cheaper at Lowe’s than on Amazon from what I’ve found. Just FYI.

You are correct I’ve purchased all of my GE Switches from Lowes.

I have purchased my GE switches from Lowes as well. Does anybody know of any local retailers that sell a compatible contact sensor at a reasonable price. Ive seen them on Amazon but, like I said in my original post, I would now have to wait for shipping