Smartthings devices not available in stores

I’m looking on the bestbuy & amazon website & no smartthings devices like motion sensors, water leak sensors etc are out of stock but I’m also seeing price increases for non smartthings devices like the aeotech motion sensor going for $78.00 on amazon. Does anyone think we will see these devices back in stock eventually?

Not manufactured by SmartThings… Thre’s many posts about Samsung’s future direction with SmartThings - and that includes them not manufacturing the hardware themselves. People have already reported seeing FCC registrations of the V.3 (2018) hub (Literally the exact same device) with Aeotec branding.

@nathancu I have read about that in the forums but curious to see what happens with the devices availability. What scares me is a price hike on other sensors but time will tell I guess.

Prices from third-party sellers on Amazon always vary wildly and are often very high. Look for devices either sold by Amazon itself or reputable dealers like or or the manufacturer themselves.

I’m not seeing higher prices for aeotec products on the specialty retailers:

FAQ: List of Home Automation Retailers

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@JDRoberts if I’m correct the smarthouse seals zooz sensors think…are they good?

Yes and yes. :sunglasses: Zooz is the house brand for and quite popular. You can find lots of discussion of their devices in the forum.

The overall trend is for prices to come down on devices that work with the echo system, including the ring security system. Devices that work directly with an echo plus are zigbee. Devices that work with the ring base station are zwave. So we’re seeing more mid priced devices for both protocols.

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