Microcenter closeouts

Just a heads up that Microcenter has a lot of GE switches on closeout, in-store only. Pretty good deals all around.

Which store did you see them in?

You can search the local store from their website, you just have to go to store to get. I only saw discount on the dimmers

Oh, ok. I didn’t see any on my store’s page :confused:

I searched for ge switch

My local store has dimmers, switches, outdoor plugs, outlets, etc on clearance. I’ve been there a few times and they mostly carry insteon stuff, so I haven’t even seen the GE stock that they’re clearing now. It’s basically half off msrp.

Their search isn’t the best. I search “z-wave” and “ge switch” and only about half of the stuff showed up.
The best way is probably to go through the “home automation” category:

Yeah, the guided search using the navigation menus is much better on their site than the search box.

And then check the “Brand: GE” box to just see the GE items:

Also you can print out a $5 off a $30 in-store purchase from retailmenot (since you have to pay for it in-store anyways)

Does the GE zwave keypad work well with Smartthings?

I didn’t even know they had a keypad.

It appears that the online inventory updates very quickly. I checked my local store 15 minutes before I walked in and it had the exact number of GE switches and outlets on the shelf that the website claimed, I bought a handful of items and checked again when I got back to my office 15 minutes later and it updated the quantities from my purchase.

I just picked up 3 of these at Micro Center for $19.71 each. $39.50 at Amazon. I also got a few GE smart plugin switch for $14ish.

They’ve currently got a 30% off orange sticker clearance promotion going. most of the GE Zwave devices in our local store (Baltimore) are orange stickered. I got several switches and one outlet all for less than $15 each.

They dont ship… I dont have a Microcenter near my area :disappointed_relieved:

I am close enough to Baltimore to drive up there (Gaithersburg). Did they have a lot left?

I don’t recall, but the website appears to be close to the stock. Check the Rockville store, probably a lot closer.

I cleaned Rockville out.

I got one of the Hawking Dimmer Outlets for $6.99 from the Rockville store. Only 200 W capacity but will be OK for a table or floor lamp. Plan on visiting the Towson store tomorrow.