Porch light dimmed low overnight, high during Ring motion, back to low after no motion

I have a GE Z-wave dimmer on my porch lights and a Ring Pro doorbell.

Right now, the porch lights automatically turn on at sunset, set to 30% dim, then turn off at sunrise (currently using a Smart Lighting SmartApp to achieve this).

When motion is detected at the Ring doorbell during this period (“Doorbell is active”), I want the dimmer set to 100% until the motion sensor returns to ‘inactive’ (where it will go back to 30% dim as it was before).

CoRE can handle this with ease. You can keep the Smart Lighting automation and put the more advanced things in CoRE Pistons.

Basic Piston
If Ring Motion is Active
Using Dimmable Light-Porch Light
Set Level to 100
Wait xxx Minutes
Set Level to 30

Cancel on Piston State Change


Thank you! I did not know about CoRE but now I’m set up and have my pistons running!

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Awesome! The author(s) of CoRE have really outdone themselves. @ady624 is the main coder and from my understanding, CoRE was built with the input from this great community. It makes ST a formidable platform in the HA industry.

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I’m not taking away from CoRE, but this seems like a pretty simple scenario… aren’t the smart lighting apps able to take input from the motion sensor?

CoRE might be a little overkill. I’m glad that I discovered it, but I’d be happy to do this with some basic SmartApps if you know how I would achieve it?

I’m pretty fresh to the SmartThings world… which is why I posted this as more of a question than a statement.

I have a couple smart bulbs and a motion sensor, and just setting up a couple automation routines I can have my lights go on/off or change their dimmer level based on motion from the sensor. For example, this is what I set up initially:

If it’s 6pm-12am and the lights are off in my office, if motion is detected turn the lights on. If it’s between 6p-10p, set the dimmers to 80%. If it’s 10p-12a, set the dimmers to 30%.

If it’s 6pm-12am and the lights are ON in my office, turn them off when it goes “quiet” (no motion for 15 minutes).

I could see a similar setup for your porch light… turn on at sunset and set to 30%. If motion detected, turn dimmer to 100%. When “quiet” – turn dimmer back to 30%. Turn off at sunrise.

Sometimes the lines blur between automation routines and smartapps…

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Not that I am apposed to going to Core but I, too, would like something like this as a SmartApp. I have the exact same request. I have sunset turn on my porch lights at 30% (or anything) and would like them to brighten to 100% when motion is detected and then dim back down to the original level.

At bedtime, the lights turn off so I have a stock Smartapp turn the lights on when motion is detected and then turn it off 10 minutes after motion is no longer seen.

I was looking for an app to do exactly this. I finally just used 3 different instances of the Smart Lighting app to do it. It ain’t pretty, but it works.

  1. Turn bulb on and set level at 10% at Sunset; Also turn off at Sunrise.
  2. Turn bulb on and set level at 100% when motion Starts; Only during a certain time (sunset to sunrise)
  3. Turn bulb on and set level to 10% when motion stops; after 3 minutes; Only during Sunset to sunrise.

Yeah, but I would like something that records the current level and then changes it back to that level once the motion has cleared.

I agree. This seems like it would be a common behavior that people would want for a light. I’m really surprised that no one has written a smart app for it … surprised in general at the lack of smart apps that I think would be popular.